Tuesday, September 6


The building across the street from us looks about the same as our place.  The roofs are finished and some of the cedar siding has been removed from the top of the fronts of the buildings, but that the extent of the work so far.


We never got much wind or rain from the tropical storm.  Hermine has headed out to sea it seems.  That is one of my poor neglected plants.  I took the picture after we returned from our walk late yesterday.

So today it has been three weeks since I started weighing and tracking my weight history, and I have lost 1.5 pounds.  That is an average of half a pound a week so I will not complain.  I’d certainly love to lose a pound a week but right now that is not working so I continue to do what I’ve been doing and look for ways to possible increase these weekly losses.

I am not gaining despite eating wonderful foods that for years I avoided because of various “diets”.  I feel satisfied and am never hungry.  I am at a point where I know I need to concentrate on daily exercise.  I think I’ll start my exercise today with some strength training.  I from time to time use the exercises in the Strong Women program.

There are a couple of things I did not find at Sam’s so we may make a trip to BJ’s later today.  Right now it looks cloudy and gloomy outside. I think I should do my exercise and then make a decision on the rest of the day.


Labor Day 2016, Sept. 5

Labor Day is late this year it seems.  Don’s birthday is on the first and many times he celebrates on Labor Day weekend.  We did get out for one of the only ice cream cones of the summer yesterday.  We used picking up vegetables as our excuse, and I did actually find some delicata squash so the trip was a success.


We also got some apples and a local melon.  Earlier in the day, I cooked a batch of chickpeas in my Instant Pot.  I was shocked that the 4 cups of dried beans that I’d put on to soak on Saturday night resulted in 12 cups of cooked beans.  I like to keep these on hand in the freezer though so I was not disappointed.


I made an adaptation of this recipe with some of the newly cooked garbanzo beans.  We had some of it for dinner last night and it was really tasty.


Our weather has been lovely so far and it really felt like fall late yesterday.  We took  a walk after dinner and I took this picture of a neighbor’s petunias.  They have really been gorgeous.


There is no work going on in the complex today due to the holiday.  And I am wondering how the expected rain may impact construction this week.  I am glad that we do have our new roof completed.

I ran into Lisa Barker at Sam’s yesterday and found out some of the things that have been happening regarding the construction.  I was able to confirm that one of the neighbors in our building is responsible for the delay in our particular location.  We were scheduled to be started on August 1.  I have no clue when we will be started aside from the roof since he caused such a stink.  It seems the condo association had to engage a lawyer to negotiate with this idiot.  This is nothing new.  He has always been trouble here.  Thank goodness he lives most of the time in Manhattan.  But that annoys me, too, since I do not feel that he should have had any input as to the project status.

We have nothing planned today. I even have enough leftovers for our meals, so no need to cook.  No labor for me on Labor Day is the plan!


Saturday, Sept 3 – Labor Day Weekend begins

That is the progress of the construction work here for the week.  We got a big green X on all the windows that are being replaced.  According to the latest construction schedule we will have no work done here for the next two weeks.  I am still upset that we were told work would being on August 1st and we started making the needed changes like taking down pictures off the wall and moving everything from near our deck.  My plants have certainly suffered since I also disconnected our hose and have not been able to keep them watered.  This will just be the year of no flowers or green grass.  The landscape crew did attempt to mow this morning.  The grass out back was getting so deep and I have been worried that it was full of ticks and fleas.

Enough of my whining, though!  We have no plans for the holiday.  We normally would travel out to Vermont and Upstate NY but Don’s not mentioned wanting to go and we may be planning a big trip to visit my family on Thanksgiving so this is probably best.

I hate to think too far ahead since last year on Thanksgiving we had plans and Don ended up in the hospital with the stroke.  But sooner or later we need to make our reservations and just pray that we will be able to make the trip.

I almost caught up on laundry yesterday but there are still a couple of loads that need to be completed.  I guess we will spend the Labor Day holiday doing some labor! 


September 1

So  I missed a day.  I realized late last night I’d not posted, but I just let it go.  I had nothing to say really.

Today is Don’s birthday!  He wanted to eat lunch at Longhorn, so we did that.


I had the filet with some steamed broccoli.  I asked for some butter for the broccoli.  I didn’t realize it would be so plain!


I had a nice salad with my meal, too.  Yummy blue cheese and bacon for the win!


Don wanted to go somewhere this afternoon so we went to Best Buy.  I tried to get him to buy himself a gift but he didn’t want anything.  So I bought myself a gift!   Now it’s to get used to using a Mac again.


August 30th

Today we went to Wegman's to get Kerrygold butter and coffee. I did pick up a couple of other things, but didn't even fill one shopping bag. Tuesday morning seems to be a good time to shop there.

After lunch we drove out to Cooper's Hilltop Farm to get some meat that was on sale, as well as cream and whole milk. We've really cut down on our dairy consumption but we're almost out of yogurt so I'll make a batch of that tomorrow.

We went for our usual after dinner walk. Oh and my scale went back down today. I think the BPC and two light meals work better than three meals.



August 29th


Today was pedicure day.  I can’t believe that this is the third time I’ve mentioned going for a pedicure and Don wants to go, too.  I know it makes my feet feel so much better that I really can’t blame him. But it is still surprising to me that he’d even consider going.

We came home and had some burgers from good Cooper Hill Farm’s grass-fed beef.  And the last two ears of corn on the cob.  We will have to go get more corn tomorrow I am sure.

My silly scale was up this morning.  So for the week I show a small gain.  I don’t know what to do.  We went back to the BPC breakfast today.  I thought we could do three meal weekends.  I may need to rethink that.  I am very disappointed.


August 27

One day last week the Amazon Deal of the Day was a Cuisinart Griddler with waffle iron grills.  I have been wanting to replace my Calphalon Grill since the plates have begun to stick very badly.  So I ordered the Cuisinart and couldn’t wait to try it for waffles.  They are really so good!


I made a little quick compote with some fresh blueberries and topped the waffles with some whipped cream! And some bacon!  Yummy breakfast today.


This is a picture of the only building here that has been completed.  It does look fresh and clean, but I don’t think they have the same character as the older cedar shingles have.


Today was the first Saturday in a long time where there has been no work going on with the construction.  All the tools were covered and silent.


I did some yoga on the Wii this morning and walked about a mile and a half with Don this afternoon.  We had some grilled tilapia on the new grill for dinner.  That fish is not fat enough to grill.  I will have to remember that and only use the grill for salmon and burgers I suppose.

The scale was down a bit this morning but not all of the amount that it was up on Friday.  It is such a battle.  But I *will* win!


August 26

Last full week of August is almost over.  Time flies!

I made a new recipe today.  One-Pan Farro with Tomatoes


I thought it might have a strong onion taste, but it didn’t and I really did like it.  We had a small broiled steak and some corn on the cob.  The farro dish was not really hot by the time I got the rest of the food plated, so the cheese had to be stirred into it so it would melt.


It was hot and humid today and we did not get out and walk.  Since there is a Pats game coming on soon, I think we will just declare this a “rest day”.  I did play some sports games on the Wii this afternoon.

The scale was UP today.  I should have expected that after eating the Chinese food yesterday.  I have a few days to get it back down where it was.  I think Monday is my “official” weigh-in day.

On the construction front,  they blew the foam insulation into the attic space today.  The roof is probably one-third completed.  It is slow going.  I am dreading the window installation.  I’ve still had no communication regarding the dates for that.