Welcome home

We were able to take a second walk this evening, but we are going to have to time these walks a bit better.  It was quite dark by the time we just walked around the block.  I am trying to create the habit, though.  We both need the steps and it’s good for our digestion to walk a bit after we eat.

Brent had his surgery today.  He was scheduled for 8:30 but did not get taken into surgery until 11:30.  He’s finally back home and, at last report, was sleeping.  His girlfriend is staying with him this week so she will take good care of him.  I hope she does not see the worst side of him.  I don’t know what kind of a patient he is now as a grown man. I guess I have been fortunate that Don is always a good patient for the most part.

I   Heart  Tuesdays because I can watch This Is Us.  I just read that tonight’s show will be a tear-jerker, but then aren’t they all?


I’m all about change…

I ignore the blog for months and then I can’t leave it alone.  I just got tired of the same old look, so I am trying a new theme.

Passeggiata after dinner

We took two walks today.  One was right after dinner and it had started to get dark.  We have some safe streets in the neighborhood behind us.  They are well lit and there is little traffic.  The days are getting longer and I want to continue these short after dinner walks.

Earlier we went out and I took a couple of shots of the “after” construction except there was a bit of work going on next door to us today.

The front is all complete.

The front of the house.

There was a new slider door being installed upstairs next door to us.

The back still looks a mess

The snow is a muddy mess right now.  I hope it will melt and we won’t have more, but that’s a bit too much to hope for in February.

The pictures were large so I’m experimenting with a smaller size.  But for now, I have had enough.  Don’s watching some weird sports channel.  I need to get ready to watch the Kids Baking Championship on The Food Network.


Sunday, Feb. 19th

It was a gorgeous Sunday with temperatures in the 50s so we took advantage and went for a nice walk.  Most of the walking trails were clear of ice and snow.  I made the mistake of wearing a pair of shoes that have always been a bit tight. By the time we’d done about a mile my feet were screaming.  As soon as we got to the car I headed to a nearby shoe store and bought some new treads.  The shoes I was wearing were a half size too small, so no wonder my toes were numb.


I tried on several pairs of shoes but when I put on these New Balance ones I knew I’d found my fit.  They felt like slippers.  I am so glad I went to Sneakerama where they specialize in running shoes for my fit.  I am not a runner, but a walker can always benefit from a good fitting pair of running shoes.

Chia pudding for breakfast

I tried another new recipe this weekend.  An Apple Pie and Almond Butter Chia Pudding and it was really good.  My picture is not as nice as the one with the recipe, though.  I had a few fresh blueberries that I included, too.  This made a nice filling breakfast.

By the time we got home from our walk and the shoe shopping I was out of the mood to get back into the kitchen.  I spent a lot of time at noon making pancakes, most of which I stored in the freezer for future eating.  So we went to the nearby Ninety Nine Restaurant for dinner.


We both ate salads.  Don had the Chicken Kabob Salad and I had the Fire-Grilled Cobb Salad.

I am so excited that I’ve figured out how to upload images from my phone directly to the blog instead of linking over from Flickr.  Now I am getting ready to go sleep-watch some Food Network shows!


Testing from my phone

I am trying to post by speaking into my telephone. I am totally lost. I hate typing on this small keyboard.

We made a special trip to Target today to buy treats for Georgia. I was sure she wouldn’t like them once we got home but she loves them and I’ve had to hide all the extra packages.

I made a new pot of yogurt this morning and I have it straining in a new gadget I ordered from Amazon.

And for dinner, I made Cauliflower Dirty Rice with Adouille Sausage.

Here’s the skillet with the veggies and sausage.  The cauliflower was cooked separately and then everything was mixed together at the end.

It was really good.  I served it with some coleslaw.  I get those bags of chopped veggies with dressings and add-ins and toss the dressing and make my own (sugar-free).


I am not sure I like posting from the phone. I only got half done and then had to come and finish on my laptop.


Friday, Feb 17th


A week or so ago WEBS offered a special limited edition dye-lot of Lorna’s Lace yarn in honor of the Patriots winning of Superbowl LI.  The name of the color is “RogerThat”, a name only a Pats fan might appreciate.  I couldn’t resist so I ordered a skein and was surprised that it arrived yesterday.  I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to get started.  I am going to make a Sockhead Slouch Hat.  I did the cast on and found an error so ripped it out.  Did that once more, ripped out once more.  Finally, I got the stitches on the needed and got about three rounds knitted when I lost some of the stitches off the needle and could not get them back on so I ripped the whole thing apart and went to the local yarn store and bought a new needle.  Of course, it was the needle’s fault I’d made all those mistakes, right?  Anyway, I have the hat started and have completed two rows of the ribbing.

I should not be starting a new project since I have so many currently going.  That just seems to be my style, though.  I had vowed not to buy any more yarn until I had my current WIPs done but I couldn’t resist the special Pats yarn.

We went to 5 Guys for dinner and ate cheeseburgers without the bread.  That makes such an awesome meal.  I’ve gotten so accustomed to eating my burgers with a fork and knife that I’m not sure I’d even like a bun if I tried.

We are still following our same “slow carb” way of eating.  No bread, rice, pasta, white potatoes, white rice, sugar, artificial sweetener, etc.  It’s really become a lifestyle now and the few times we’ve strayed it’s really made us feel so lousy that we jump right back on the bandwagon with full force.

I found some soybean pasta at Aldi last week and it is great.  Since sometimes things appear at Aldi and then disappear again I plan on going back and buying a few more boxes of this.  The only ingredient is soybeans and it has twice as much protein as it has carbs.


I cooked up some of the pasta with some chicken sausage, artichoke hearts, and some tomato basil sauce, and served it with some melted mozzarella cheese.  It was really good. I still have half the box left and I want to try it with an Alfredo sauce next.


We have a warm up coming this weekend, so I hope to get out and get in some walking in the sunshine and fresh air!  It’s time to be done with snow and ice!



Are you kidding me? February 16 already

I am not sure what happened but I guess there is no time like the present to start writing again. So much has happened during the last almost 4 months that I can’t really catch up.


We had no snow until February, and we’ve had several storms since.  We are due a warm up this next week, though, so I am hopeful for an early Spring.

At Thanksgiving, we went to Hot Springs to a family reunion. Below is a picture where we were all acting a bit crazy.  Even the dog got into the act!


Work had been progressing rather slowly on the condo.  But we are almost completely done now.  I’ll have to get some new updated photos of the finished project.


Nothing much is going on and that is good.  Don continues to have the injections in his eye.  The medication was changed for the last two shots and the scans are showing improvement.

My son is having surgery next week for a shoulder problem.  He’s been trying to get it approved by his company’s workmen’s compensation program and has had to wait several months.  I am glad he will finally be able to have this fixed.  He was in so much pain when he was here in July, and it is time to get some relief.  I am also happy that he seems to be in a very happy relationship now.  He brought his girl to our reunion in November and the entire family loved her.  The best description is one he gave me early on when he said, “She’s normal, mom.”  He’s had a few encounters with not so normal ones, so I am happy to get that reassurance!

So I need to get back to some more regular posting.  I tried a new app on my phone and it was just not something I could keep up with.  I really need a diary.  My memory is shot.


Thursday, October 27

Again a lot of catching up to do.  This was the view out back for a while.  All of the cedar siding has been removed and now some patching is going on.


We had some lovely foliage out across the circle from us, though.  The reds have been especially bright this year.


I experimented adding some grains back into my diet.  We were in Trader Joe’s and I saw a blend of rice and black barley that looked good.  It was from the freezer and easy enough to try out.  I made a shrimp and asparagus stir-fry to eat along with a portion of it.  It worked out fine.  Earlier attempts to eat brown rice really left me hungry, but I think maybe adding that barley helped.


Another day I made grain-free waffles for our lunch.  I made a double batch and we actually ate them again for lunch today.


This is the side of our building.  Some of the white trim has been added.  It has been extremely noisy during the installation.


On Monday Don had an appointment with Dr. Lerner.  He doesn’t have to go back until April (hopefully!)  He also got his flu shot.


This is the front of our building now.  With all of the construction mess, we’ve really stayed inside most of the time.  The doctor wants Don to start some more regular walking.


This is the house next door that is almost finished.


Today is very cold and it started raining around noon so the guys have shut down for the day.  I am hoping we will be finished for the most part by Thanksgiving, but I will not hold my breath!


October 19 – Demolition begins

After being told this work would start on August 1st, last night we got an email that it would begin today. So much for advance notice.

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I last posted.


I got a bed skirt and I like the new look in my bedroom.  The quilt is a bit large, but that is better than being too small in my opinion.


On Monday of last week, the painting was finished on our slider.  Georgia is always the curious cat and she had to inspect.


We did get out to Boylston to view the nice foliage at the rail trail just past the reservoir.  That has always been a favorite spot for leaves!


And afterward, we made our last of the year visit to Rota Springs.  I mistakenly ordered a small ice cream instead of a kiddie.  It was really sugar overload.


The foliage is really nice nearer to home.  We have been walking in the late afternoons recently.


In other news, I finished my scarf that I probably have worked on for a year.  It took it three days to dry when I blocked it. It is hard to get a good picture, but the colors are very autumn-like.


And, finally, food!  Last night’s dinner was oven roasted cabbage and eggs.  My weight went up for a week and now this week it is fluctuating but on a downward track.  I still have not figure out this puzzle.


Saturday, October 8

This was a stressful week for me.  Tuesday I took Don to the ophthalmologist’s office and made the mistake of sitting in the waiting room while he went back for his exam.  I should have known better since he could not really tell me what the doctor had told him other than he’d scheduled him an appointment with a retina specialist for Friday.  I did get some of my hat knitted during the over two-hour wait, though.


On Wednesday I made one of our favorite recipes from the Always Hungry book, Mediterranean Chicken.  It is just simple ingredients that blend together so well and are so tasty.


Thursday was Wifesaver’s day, and we went out to Greendale Mall to walk around a bit.  On the way out we passed by the new location of The Fix and right then I decided that would be where we are lunch.  The old location was so small and crowded, but this place was wonderful.  And the food was delicious!


We both got a salad from the salad bar, and I added a side of grass-fed beef cooked medium.  It was perfect and I can still almost taste it.  I will definitely go back and have the same meal again.


After lunch, we went to Westborough to the Steinmart store and I bought a quilt and two pillow shams for my bed.  I didn’t get a really good picture of it, but I love the look.  It has really brightened up that room.  The bonus here was that when we got to the register the purchase rang up at 50% off.


Yesterday my friend Shelley sent me a message with a recipe for a Caprese Omelet and since it was right before lunch, I made my version of it.  It was very tasty.  I loved the melted mozzarella cheese!  Since I was doubling the recipe I found that making a frittata was easier.


So yesterday found me knitting again.  I only knitted while we waited in the waiting room for over an hour.  IMG_20161007_142644866

This time, I went back with Don so I could get the straight answer on what was wrong with his eye.  He has Macular Degeneration in both eyes, but it is the Wet variety in the right eye where he sees the black spot.

He actually began treatment immediately with an injection of Avastin directly into the back of his eye.  It sounds a lot worse than it actually appeared to be.  He will go back for regular injections in hopes of stopping the progression of the MD and maybe regaining some of his lost vision.


So that brings us to today.  We had no deadlines but needed milk and eggs so we headed to the farm.


We did not get eggs, so will need to go back for them.  Afterward, we went to Aldi’s and picked up a few groceries.  It was a pretty good low-key day and that was what I needed.  Don says he thinks his eye is a bit better, but I am not sure that I can really believe that the first treatment worked so quickly.  Time will tell.


Monday, October 3


The hydrangeas are starting to fade.  These bushes have grown so much over the past two years.  If life had been normal I might have cut some of these to dry.

We got the last of the basement blinds installed this afternoon.  So we at least have our privacy back. I got the treadmill back in place and the tv with the Roku set up so I can walk and watch if I see fit.  I need to make myself see fit!

We have been taking short walks after dinner.  I want to continue with that.

Today was the day I set as my “official” weigh-in day.  I was disappointed that the loss I had on Saturday was completely erased plus by today.  My net for the week was .3.  I guess a loss is a loss, but I surely need to lose more than that weekly.

Onward and downward.