Wednesday, September 28

I was drinking coffee in my pajamas when the guys arrived to fix the slider.  I ran to get dressed thinking it would only take an hour at most.  That was at 8:30.  They finished around noon.  It still needs to be inspected by the project manager, but I think they may have fixed the problem today.  They replaced one of the sections of glass that may have been warped.

We decided to go to the Big E on Monday and we had a pretty decent day.  We got caught in traffic and arrived way past our normal lunch time.  Instead of depending on fair food we stopped at Five Guys and got cheeseburgers and just tossed the bread.  That is a really good option.  It tasted much better than this picture looks!

So we went to the fair mainly to see the animals and there were so many cute ones.  This was one of my favorites – a baby alpaca!
There were also many disgusting things – few more deplorable than this shirt being sold.  I can even go there!  But this is my blog and I can post whatever I want LOL!
We left the fair without tasting one bite of fair food.  We bought a $1.00 bottle of water and escaped not feeling like Miss Piggy who is pictured here taking a rest after feeding her EIGHT piglets!
We came home and ate leftover waffles.  There is nothing like good home-cooked food.   Last night I grilled some salmon and sauteed some rainbow chard.  We bought what was maybe the last sweet corn of the season on Sunday so had an ear of corn with dinner.
That brings me to lunch today.  Tuna salad on top of half a head of shredded romaine, with some local heirloom tomato.  This is one of my favorite throw together meals.  I can put this together in less than 5 minutes and it is oh so good!
Weighed this a.m. and the scale is down a tiny bit.  According to my app that is graphing my weight losses I am on schedule to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds on my birthday!  The good part about it is – this is so very easy!


Sunday, September 25th

I am way behind here. The window painting took two days. We were stuck in the house, so when Saturday arrived we were ready to hit the road.

We went first out to Cooper’s Hilltop Farm for milk and eggs. Then in the afternoon we shopped for brackets to rehang our old blinds. That was not really successful. We also shopped at BJ’s for some food.

Today we went to return the brackets that did not fit to Lowe’s, and went to buy some at Home Depot. A set of brackets cost $2.99. Across the aisle new vinyl blinds cost $4.59. Forget the brackets. We picked up two new ones to see if the fit, with plans to buy four more for the basement. We got one hung this afternoon and the fit is great.

Tomorrow we plan to go to The Big E. Blinds can wait until later.

Oh and in other news, the new slider is going to be removed and replaced. That is supposed to be a quick fix, but it will likely go over at least two days. The woodwork will need to bo prepped and repainted, and it’s likely that can’t be done on the same day.

Starting a weight loss challenge with the We Can girls. I hope this doesn’t mess up my progress. So far my head has been in a good spot, but I’ve only been accountable to myself.



September 22, First day of Fall

When did the first day of fall change from September 21?  No matter the date it feels like summer still anyway.

Today was the day for painting the window trim.  I did my best to move the vertical blinds out of the way in the living room.


I also moved the hanging plants after taking this picture.


I wish I could say this job was done. I am sitting here now with no blinds on any of the windows or the sliding glass door in our living area. No paint happened at all. The ONE person working did fill in the nail holes on all the windows here and the one small window in the bathroom. He is due back at 8 a.m. hopefully to finish. I will believe that when I see it!

There was no way I felt like trying to come up with dinner so we went to the good old 99 Restaurant & Pub.  I had my usual glazed salmon with roasted asparagus, tomatoes and broccoli.


Now we are waiting for the football game that will start at 8!  Hope it is a great game.  It should be because…



Tuesday, September 20

It’s been a week.  It seems like it was much longer.  But we have new windows!  As promised, the guys arrived early on Wednesday morning and started taking the old windows out.


It went much quicker than I expected.  They got all of the windows out and the new windows in before they took their lunch break.


The next day they came back to install the trim.  We had to improvise overnight in some cases.  I used my shower curtain in the bedroom.  I rather liked the look!


On Thursday early the trim was installed.  They finished really early.  The two basement windows did not come with the order so their installation was delayed.


But the upstairs was done.  It is hard to tell in this dark picture but there is a tiny bit of leaf color change happening in some of the maples.


And the swans are back on the pond.  We did try to get out and walk most evenings after supper.  Yesterday was rainy and we had a condo association meeting so I am not sure if the swans or still around.  Perhaps tonight we an check again.


It’s really not been chili weather but I have wanted some so I made chili on Sunday in my Instant Pot.  I also made a batch of “no-corn” bread from my Chickpea Flour Cookbook.  This time I made them in my Vitamix muffin top pans and they came out perfectly portioned.  This is such a good recipe!  I just discovered a very similar recipe on the cookbook author’s website.  Just leave out the blueberries and sweetener.


So today the basement got new windows.  And on Thursday the painting crew will be in to cover the nail holes and paint,  And then by Friday I hope that all our inside work will be finished!


Tuesday, September 13th


That just about ruins my neighborhood walks!  And I was liking the young couple who had just purchased that house.  I seriously cannot comprehend how anyone can support that DEPLORABLE person.

But we did walk.  After a very busy day, I was not sure I’d want to even get out and do that, but it’s nice outside this time of the year.  We did get out to the farm today, too, to get some milk and eggs.


Last night I checked my email and had a message asking if it would be feasible to start installing our windows on Wednesday.  So that is why I had such a busy day.  We spent most of the morning downstairs clearing the area around the windows in the basement.

We had a meeting at two with Zan, the project manager for SPS, and he says we should be good to go.  He will have some of his men take down our vertical blinds in the living room.  And they will put them up again when the windows are done.  He says they will be here at 8, so we will definitely need to get a move on in the morning.  Some days we are still sitting on the sofa watching the news and drinking coffee at that hour.

AND in good news, my scale was down another half pound this morning.  I’ve lost over 2.5 pounds since mid-August.  Two pounds a month is slow but I can live with it.  We are doing bullet-proof coffee for breakfast and otherwise I am just eating smaller portions than I was.  I am still not hungry.  I don’t really sense when I am 80% full so that strategy does not work for me.  Serving myself about 20% less than usual is easy enough and so far it is working!



Monday, Sept. 12th


I was up until midnight last night but it was worth it.  Patriots were serious underdogs without our star quarterback and several other important players.  It was good to see the team step up and win!


That was our dinner before the game.  Oven roasted cabbage with eggs.  It’s one of my favorites!

I’d stayed off the scale all week after having that upset stomach early on.  I just did not want to get on and see a false gain which I felt was certain.  But this morning I figured I had to face the scale and I know I’d had a good eating week.  Scale smiled for a change.  I was down almost a pound.  So far for the past month, I am averaging a bit more than a half pound a week.  I am okay with that.


Sunday, September 11th

The first part of today has been dedicated to remembering 9/11/01 on television, and the second half will be dedicated to the first Sunday of football season. And then there is baseball with the Sox having a game starting in a few minutes.

I made some waffles this morning. I wanted to see if there was a difference in mixing the batter all at once or following the recipe that recommends whipping the egg whites and folding them in at the end. I do believe that the ones with the whipped egg whites are better. But our breakfast was good.  I made some strawberry syrup for a topping.

Yesterday got away from me.  It started with a constant drip in the toilet in the master bedroom bath.  It was annoying me so much that I went out to Home Depot and bought a repair kit and spent a couple of hours installing it.  There were a few tears, a bump on the head, and much cursing but I have a working toilet.  I was most annoyed that Don stood and watched me trying to work with no offer to help.  I should be used to this by now, but it does get very old and it is really hurtful.

By the time I finished it was late and as a peace offering, he suggested we go out for dinner.  We went to 2 Ovens and I think he thought I’d fallen completely off the wagon when I ordered a burger with caramelized onions and mushrooms.   He did not know my strategy, though!


That was the perfect order.  The burger and accompanying vegetables were great as was the side salad that came with it.  I will remember this strategy for the future.

We started the day with a severe thunderstorm warning without the thunder but just some strong winds.  It did pour rain for a bit but now I am looking out to see blue skies with just a slight breeze.

We just ate a tuna salad on top of romaine for lunch.  I have no clue what we will eat for dinner.  I do have some yellow squash that needs to be cooked so maybe I’ll fix that a bit later.


Friday, September 9


She has such a hard life. Some days she only gets 22 hours of sleep.  Seriously, these cats wake at regular times to eat and then it is back to sleeping for both of them.

I just reheated the leftovers from the chicken dish that I feel made me sick the other day.  What is the old saying about the hair of the dog that bit you?  Anyway, I am trying it one more time.  The food was much too good to toss into the garbage.  I ate relatively early and will make sure I don’t lie down until I feel my food has digested a bit.

We have had a hot day today and aside from a trip to take out some garbage I’ve stayed in all day long.  Sometimes I feel like I wish I was a cat and could just curl up and sleep.

I am still adjusting to the Macbook.  The app I was using on my iPad is no longer being supported, and although I can still use it, I need to get used to posting from the Macbook and not after I’ve gone to bed for the day.  I have searched and searched for a replacement app and it seems there is just nothing available.  I am just using the WordPress editor via the browser for now.

I see that my time seems off so I need to dig around and see where that is set.  The browser is showing it being 4:35 and it’s really 5:35.


Thursday, Sept. 8th


Everyone seems to think that once September arrives we all crave pumpkin spice everything.  That is not true here, but I did spot lots of products when we shopped at BJ’s on Tuesday.

I purchased a 5-pound tray of boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I dry poached in the oven this afternoon.


I slice each breast up and freeze in individual freezer bags.  They are perfect for those times when you need some already cooked chicken. We eat chicken salad a lot so I like to keep this on hand.


Today was the day the maid come and we went out mid-morning to just be out of the house during that time.  I am still shopping for a replacement comforter for my bed.  I went to a new to me store today and I think I may have decided to get a quilt with some shams instead of a comforter.  I would have purchased one today but I wanted to measure my high off the floor bed to see if a king-sized quilt might be the best fit and I think it will be.  The Stein Mart store has been in our area for several years but this was my first time there and I liked it.

After shopping around we went to eat lunch at Sapporo Korean BBQ & Sushi and had their buffet.  I had a most interesting revelation there.  I know sushi is made with sweet rice, but this is the first time I actually tasted the sweetness.  After such a long period of not eating sweet things, I think I can taste sugar much more easily now.

It looks like the rain and gloom are gone.  And the heat has returned.  Our utility company has declared tomorrow afternoon an energy conservation event.


Wednesday, September 7th


I made a recipe yesterday that was quite delicious.  However, when I make it next I will find a way to cut the fat.  I woke around midnight with a terrible stomach ache and I know the meal was just too heavy. It was delicious, though.

We did go out to BJ’s and then stopped in Price Chopper on our way home.  It never really rained much yesterday but it was gray and damp out all day long.  I think today is a repeat of that weather pattern.

I have lunch with Helen today at the 99 Restaurant & Pub.  I know I am eating one of their big salads.  Right now I still don’t feel like eating much of anythings.

Today is a big day for EMC as in it will no longer exist. I hope it is not a wild ride for my friends who still work there.  I am sort of sad to see it go.