Wednesday in Worcester

Saw this SUV stopped at a traffic light on our way back home this afternoon.  Don had an 11 o’clock appointment with the retina specialists.  The scans of his eye showed a lot of improvement since the last visit.  In fact, most all of the fluid that the doctor was trying to reduce was gone.  So he says three more aggressive treatments and then he will extend the time between injections.  He says he needs to be sure that the reduction in the fluid is permanent and he certainly knows best.  Don says his vision has improved to some extent.  The doctor has told him it likely will never be the same as it was before the bleed in his eye but it can be prevented from getting worse.

Nothing much else is happening here.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  We were rather late after the noontime rush and the restaurant has half empty. The hostess sat us in a booth next to a couple with two young children who were shrieking and making me generally ready to run out the door.  I asked the waitress if we could move and we did move leaving a booth between us.  We could still hear the kids though and it made me wonder why that woman sat us right next to them.  Did she think older people would be better seated near young children for some odd reason?  I’m not sure but it did annoy me.

And then the waitress got our order all wrong.  I figured we would be charged incorrectly and I was right about that too.  So I complained and had the bill corrected.  All in all, it was not the most pleasant lunch-time experience.

Tomorrow our housekeepers will be here and we will go out to lunch again.  Twice in one week is a bit of a stretch.  We generally go for Chinese food every other Thursday and I’m sure we will head that way again.  I still miss Thursday sushi at my desk at work.  (But not that much!)365-78


Terrific Tuesday

Terrific may be a stretch, but it was a pretty good day.  I made a chicken salad with green grapes and walnuts for our lunch.  We have leftovers, too!  That is always a win!

It’s been gray and rainy during the day so we’ve stayed inside.  I did get two months’ worth of bank statements balanced.  So it was a rainy day but not a total wash out.

This morning I took this picture of my little one-eyed cat.  When she’s asleep you don’t realize she’s different from any other cat.

The cats are so funny.  Sakaura comes and sleeps next to me for I don’t know how long.  She’s there when I go to sleep but by the time I wake she’s up and waiting for Don to feed her.  Georgia eats her breakfast and immediately heads for my bed to nap for most of the morning.  Some days I don’t disturb her but others I do make the bed and she’s not happy about that!  They do make life interesting!


Anxious for Spring

A ladybug in the house must mean it’s warming up outside. At least I hope that is what it means.  I think ladybugs are also considered to bring good luck.  At any rate, I’d never smash one.  This tiny creature was crawling on the foggy bathroom mirror one day this week.

So after a long period of maintaining the exact same weight forever, I am on a mission to drop a few pounds.  So I am going to track my food using My Fitness Pal.  I am not eating a 1200 calorie a day diet. I am trying to make sure I have a proper balance of nutrients.

I enjoyed the “On This Date” pictures so much from last February where I was following a meal plan and photographing my meals.  I need to incorporate more of that in my life.  I actually do have a meal plan for this week.  And I took a couple of pictures.

This is a “taco salad” I made using some Black Bean Tofu Hast over some lettuce, with chopped avocado, shredded cheese, and salsa on top.  It was good but could have used a bit of sour cream.

Tonight I made a stir fry.  This is a picture of it just going into the pan.

I have shrimp and a bag of Trader Joe’s stir fry veggies with a bit of sesame oil.  I added some Thai Peanut Sauce from a recipe I made and topped it with some chopped peanuts.  Served it over a half cup of brown rice.

I am making some chicken salad to eat for lunch tomorrow and again on Thursday.  And I am making eggplant lasagna for dinner tomorrow night and Thursday night.  On Wednesday Don has an appointment with the retina specialist at 11 so we will eat at Ruby Tuesday after that and that will mean a light dinner.  I have some grain-free waffles in the freezer that I’ll heat up for dinner.  That takes us until Friday, and I’ll decide later what I want to do that day.  I am happy to have the rest of the week planned.


March 1 – First day of Meteorological Spring

We had another warmer than normal day but I believe the tide turns tomorrow for a few days.  The plants are so confused, as are the birds I’m sure.

I just heard on ABC News that our weather in Worcester will drop sixty degrees.  I guess winter is not really over, is it?

I am just ready for some consistency.  I have lunch out with Helen and MaryJo tomorrow. I’ll drive to Helen’s house and she wants to drive to the restaurant.  We are going to Red Rock Grill which is about halfway to where we worked in Hopkinton.  We ate there once before and I had a most excellent Cobb salad, so I am off now to check the menu and see if that option is still available.



Oscars, I could care less

Seriously I don’t even want to read on Facebook. It’s overrun with comments about the red carpet.

In other news winter is back but the snow is almost melted.

I spent time this afternoon watching A Man Called Ove on Amazon Prime Vodeo. I really enjoyed it despite have to have the captions on. I’d not realized it was a foreign language film.

So now I am watching my old standby The Food Network. And testing to see if Blogsy will still post.



Binge watching

I must admit I love this show, and I am a late comer and have only watched the last two or three seasons so I am watching on Hulu Plus and I’m almost finished with Season One.  There are only 4 chefs left, and the two that I despised have both packed their knives so I am okay with whoever wins.

So that is how I spent my day. Sitting and knitting and watching tv.

I made Georgia a little house out of a box and an old t-shirt.  She loves it. So one more piece of clutter to add to the house.   Laugh


Sixty-five degrees on February 23!

Today felt like mid-May. It was so nice and warm.   We went for a brief around the neighborhood walk.  One of the neighborhood dogs was out on his run and we were able to pet him. He’s just a puppy but he’s a big one!  His name is Toby and he’s a Great Pyrenees.

Today was a much better day for my knitting, too.  I was able to get the hat started again last night and I am about at the point where I was when I ripped it all out.  And I’ve decided that I am really glad I decided to start over. Besides the mistake that I was wanting to correct there was another row of messy stitches that I’d decided to just overlook.  But I know I’d have known they were there and never been completely happy with the project. So everything happens for a reason.

And today is Thursday but seems like Friday since it was my maid’s day.  For years we had the house cleaned every other Friday.  Now it is every other Thursday, but I still get the days confused.  So for now, we have a clean house, except there are dishes that need to be washed.  That is not my job and I am winding down deciding what I’ll watch on tv this evening.


This was not a good day

I don’t know how I missed it earlier but today I spotted a dropped stitch (or maybe two) about four rows down in my hat I was knitting.  I knew I couldn’t just ignore it so I tried to fix it.  I frogged the stitches back until I reached the mistake but in the process, I think I dropped some other stitches along the way and I just had a big mess.  I had about an inch and a half of K2 P2 ribbing that I just ripped apart.  Then it took me several attempts to get the stitches cast on the needles again, and then I have frogged the ribbing a few times trying to get it right.  Someone said that frogging is character building, but today my character is totally lost.

So I am back to the very beginning again. I think I have three rows of the ribbing knit and I am putting it in time out for now.

I was so wrapped up in knitting that I didn’t even cook dinner.  Thank goodness for my Vitamix and a good power shake recipe.   It could be worse.  Today is National Marguerita Day!  Drink


Welcome home

We were able to take a second walk this evening, but we are going to have to time these walks a bit better.  It was quite dark by the time we just walked around the block.  I am trying to create the habit, though.  We both need the steps and it’s good for our digestion to walk a bit after we eat.

Brent had his surgery today.  He was scheduled for 8:30 but did not get taken into surgery until 11:30.  He’s finally back home and, at last report, was sleeping.  His girlfriend is staying with him this week so she will take good care of him.  I hope she does not see the worst side of him.  I don’t know what kind of a patient he is now as a grown man. I guess I have been fortunate that Don is always a good patient for the most part.

I   Heart  Tuesdays because I can watch This Is Us.  I just read that tonight’s show will be a tear-jerker, but then aren’t they all?


I’m all about change…

I ignore the blog for months and then I can’t leave it alone.  I just got tired of the same old look, so I am trying a new theme.

Passeggiata after dinner

We took two walks today.  One was right after dinner and it had started to get dark.  We have some safe streets in the neighborhood behind us.  They are well lit and there is little traffic.  The days are getting longer and I want to continue these short after dinner walks.

Earlier we went out and I took a couple of shots of the “after” construction except there was a bit of work going on next door to us today.

The front is all complete.

The front of the house.

There was a new slider door being installed upstairs next door to us.

The back still looks a mess

The snow is a muddy mess right now.  I hope it will melt and we won’t have more, but that’s a bit too much to hope for in February.

The pictures were large so I’m experimenting with a smaller size.  But for now, I have had enough.  Don’s watching some weird sports channel.  I need to get ready to watch the Kids Baking Championship on The Food Network.