Like drinking a glass of milk – who knew? According to Wikipedia

Chickpeas are also a significant source of calcium (190 mg/100 g). Some sources quote it as equal to yogurt and close to milk.

They taste really good cooked from dried – much better than the canned – not as salty either, of course.

I made this wicked good recipe that I had seen on Friday. I still have some chickpeas left to make another recipe tomorrow.

We searched all day for some Fels-Naptha Soap – who knew that was so hard to find? I ended up ordering some online. I want to make some laundry detergent.

Am I nuts?


Weekend’s here

I really did try to post one night this week and the system was “unavailable” – but I’m seriously slacking here.

We had a small bit of snow, and it’s turned really cold here. Seems like a good day to stay inside. Except I stay inside way too much all week and I’m sure I will get restless later and venture outdoors.

Yesterday I left work an hour early and all hell broke loose. An engineer in California (who was also on a day off, I find out later) was trying to reach me to get him some very old software for a customer emergency. Fortunately, I’d told my buddy D I was leaving and my engineer friend usually falls back on D when he can’t get me. But at the end of the entire email trail I had a message from my absent boss about the deal. So – will he be mad at me because I took off an hour and did not tell him? It will be hard for me to know but I suspect he is upset because he never ever contacts me about anything. This is truly the strangest job I have ever had.

I’m just glad that I thought to check my email yesterday – breathing a huge sigh of relief – I was at least able to send absent boss and “all is okay” message.

I soaked some chick peas to cook in the PC today – I have a recipe I want to make.

Tempting fate one time too many, we ate at the Imperial Buffet and today my scale is up a pound – this is a number I do not want to see so much work to be done this weekend to knock it down.



I stayed home from work yesterday – but I worked – and I completely forgot to update here. Not that I have much to update.

I did another pressure cooker “experiment”. I had a recipe for chicken & dumplings that I modified – it turned out okay but next time I will make a few changes. Next time – yes, I’ll make it again because it was way good.

So after all this chicken – tonight we ate tilapia. A nice break.

Yesterday was just rain here but lots of ice and freezing elsewhere. A few snowflakes were falling on my commute home but really nothing. It’s been a weird winter -mostly in the 40s and 50s but we are cold now and getting colder tomorrow.

I had another night where I needed a pill to sleep. Tonight I must avoid napping early so I can sleep at a normal time – without having to resort to medication. American Idol starts tonight so that should keep me awake IF I sit up and resist going to watch it in the bedroom.

Scale was up a half pound this morning – not sure what the deal is but it’s still an acceptable number (135).



We stayed up way late watching the Saints/Eagles game. I really was happy the Saints won. I know Brent is thrilled, and it’s such a boost for the city of New Orleans. They need something good after all the bad they’ve had.

Got up late (for us) and was happy to see that the pound I was up yesterday was gone – drank lots of water on Saturday.

I did a couple of PC experiments. Cooked a bag of spelt. That came out very nice – it’s all divided up into some individual servings and it was cooked in half a hour – perfect, too.

Then I had found some smoked turkey legs at BJ’s yesterday and had seen a recipe for split pea soup using them instead of ham. Searched all over for the recipe – found it AFTER I’d sort of improvised on my own.

Made the split pea soup for our lunch – 10 minutes to cook and about 10 minutes to release the pressure – pretty quick. It was good – I’ll change it a bit next time and follow the recipe (which I’ve saved.)

I have some chicken cacciatore in the crock pot. We have a 4:30 game today so we’ll eat during that game. I’m going to cook some whole wheat pasta and likely a side of TJ’s Greens with Envy (love those!)

I still have not decided on whether I will go in to work tomorrow or work from home. The threat of the ice looks like it’s not going to materialize, so I’ll likely just go to the office.


Making Soap

I’ve been wanting to try this “homemade soap” and intended on buying the ingredients today. I forgot, but I want to record the recipe here so that I will have it next time I shop.

Powder recipe:
1 bar Fels Naptha grated,
1/2 c washing soda
1/2 c Borax

Use 2 Tbsp per normal load; 3 Tbsp for heavy loads.


Saturday means shopping

There is literally no room in either freezer for food though – so I must show some restraint.

We ate out at new Chinese buffet last night – bad news – lots of sodium, and I ate too much grease I am sure. But it’s hard to resist a new restaurant – especially on a Friday night, right after it’s grand opening on the prior Thursday – which translates to “no crowd”. We have to be very selective or eat very early on Fridays, since neither of us waits well.

I want to cook something in the PC this weekend, but not sure what it will be. Most of the recipes I have call for thawed meat and most I have is still frozen. I may pull out some chicken and let it defrost overnight and then cook up a bit batch of something tomorrow.

For now, we are almost finished with laundry and then we are going out to run our errands.


Pressure Cooker – Pork Tenderloin

So I’ve had this very small pork tenderloin that I’ve searched all over for a PC recipe to use to cook it. I’ve had zero luck, so I sorta pieced together my own recipe.

I sliced the tenderloin in 1″ slices. Browned it in the PC, with a medium sized onion sliced and a spoonful of chopped garlic. Then I poured in 1/2 cup barbecue sauce mixed in 1/2 cup of water. Cooked it under high pressure for 10 minutes.

It was really good, nice and tender, but a bit too much liquid. I’d wanted to shred the pork but the way it was cut that didn’t really work.

Next time I will cook a whole tenderloin – I a just concerned about the time. I hope I can figure that part out.

This is definitely something I’d cook again. Who can beat a meal that I threw together in half an hour from start to finish?



Today’s bombshell was the “move”. We’ve heard rumors of a relocation of our cubicles, and today we saw the plan. I suppose it could be worse – the small half-sized cubes on the first floor. But I am not thrilled to be moving from my nice cubicle once removed from a large window into a crowded inside aisle cubicle about 50 feet away. The plus is it is closer to the door and further away from some annoyingly noisy people.


Thank goodness for leftovers

That was dinner. From the pot roast I cooked on Sunday.

And I’ve entered all my food (I think) in CK and I have a pretty low calorie day in spite of eating beef. I didn’t have soup at lunch and had a lower calorie salad, so that could play a part in the total.

Also I used Almond Breeze in my cereal this morning – saved 50 calories right there.

So the scale has been stuck this week and maybe tomorrow it will budge a half pound.

I am having issues with my audio books – I have started two books since the holidays and I can’t “get into” either one of them. So tonight I loaded up on some new ones.

And I found a book that I’d heard about over on L&M that I’d planned to purchase and actually read – so I’ll give it a listen – or hope I can stick to it. I am hoping this inability to concentrate is temporary and that I just need something different to listen to.

Deadline for self-assessment tomorrow. I am about 90% done – I hate those things. And I feel totally inadequate this year as far as accomplishments. It’s just been steady work – but who appreciates that?


Poor planning

Last weekend I planned my menus for the entire week. I meant to do that yesterday, but I neglected to do it. I was so sorry when I got home and had no clue what to fix for dinner.

I had some chicken breasts in the freezer that were relatively quick. Found a recipe on line.

I need to try to come up with some plan for the rest of the week so I don’t come home floundering again.

So I’ve put my food and exercise into CK and I am 28 calories away from 1200 – so kitchen is closed for the day.