Back to work Tuesday

After 11 days off, returning to work was a bit of a drag. I had cleared a lot of my mailbox on Monday at home though, so that made it a bit easier.

I had a relatively uneventful day – discovered that playing some classical music (thank you Classical King FM 98.1) lent itself to creating a nice work atmosphere. I may try that more often – easy to listen, not distracting.

It was good to get back into my rut as far as food was concerned. That salad bar never looked so good and they’d added some artichoke hearts today – YUM!

At the end of the day, my manager did send a reminder that we have to do our self appraisal by next Wednesday – I hate that. Why should *I* have to tell *YOU* how well I did my job? Isn’t that what you get paid big bucks to figure out? Oh well – I will copy and paste the one from last year, that is basically a copy/paste from the year before. Will anyone even notice?

Dick gave me a small box of homemade chocolate truffles that his wife made -split one with Don -it was delicious!

Got in my minimum 30 minutes on the treadmill.
3 liters of water
Right now I at about 950 calories for the day – 1200 is my target.
I may just go low today – can’t hurt – or can it?


Note on cooking rice

Measure salt – I just used the old shaker method and my rice is salty. It also is moist – maybe if it sits for a while it will dry out a bit and since I am going to rewarm it, I may be glad it is not dry.

So while the rice was cooking I checked my work email – deleted everything that I didn’t need to deal with and I’m happy to see that there is not a lot of junk waiting for me tomorrow.

I have slept so well since I’ve been off. I know dread of returning to work and all it’s related stress affects my sleeping so I am hoping that just by doing this simple task, I’ll not experience a restless night. It will be hard enough to face that alarm clock tomorrow as it is.

It has rained most of the day. However, I’ve walked for a half hour on the treadmill – that is my minimum non-negotiable exercise. It looks as if it may not be raining out right now and if that is the case maybe we can walk around the block. I need some fresh air!


Recipes I’ve made and notes

I don’t really have a good PC cookbook, but I’ve attempted a few things on my own.

I did make a recipe for Chicken Barley soup that came out more like a stew. I would make this again but cut the barley called for from 1 cup to a quarter cup.

I made my own recipe for beef stew. I’d make that again but use a slighter larger piece of meat so it would make two meals instead of one and a half.

I cooked some brown rice directly in the pot, but I added some canola oil so it would not foam up. I am experimenting now cooking some rice in my rice cooker pot inside the PC.

For the record –
I am using 1 cup rice with 2 cups of water. I salted the water – not sure if that is okay or not.
I put it all in the PC using my wire colander as a rack and put 2 cups of water in the bottom. Set on low pressure and am cooking it for 16 minutes . . . Waiting for the outcome.


New toy

Right before Christmas I ordered a programmable pressure cooker. I’ve been playing with it for the past few days. I am impressed. Food cooks incredibly quick and tastes better than traditionally cooked foods. You don’t have to add fat and that is a big plus, too.

I cooked some dried blackeyed peas for our New Year’s lunch. Ten minutes under high pressure – voila – perfection.

We ate our big meal at lunch – the peas, some brown rice, pork tenderloin, and stir fried cabbage.

We will eat a lite dinner.

And from my experimenting with the “toy” I have the basics for meals for the rest of the week. I’ve written it all down on my notepad hanging on the fridge.

It’s scary to be this organized. oh well, the year is still young.


Welcome 2007

What better way to start the year than to start a Blog. I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t already have one.

I lost a lot of weight in 2000/2001. For the past 6 years I’ve kept most of it off. I started at 217 pounds in April, 2000. I joined Weight Watchers and on March 16, 2001, I reached my goal weight. I remember the specific date since that is also my birthday – my natural birthday and my rebirth day since I became a whole new individual once I got that weight off. My WW lifetime goal is 141 pounds. I actually stabilized at around 125 pounds in the summer/fall of 2001.

In May, 2002, I made another huge change to my life – I gave up smoking. I waited for a year after losing my weight because I wanted to give my body a chance to stabilize a bit. I was determined not to gain weight from quitting smoking. That proved difficult. I did gain about 10 pounds. But I have not missed a monthly weigh in since reaching Lifetime, and I have never paid a meeting fee. Actually I still attend a WW@Work meeting most every week.

I’m coming up on 5 years without smoking and 6 years at my WW goal weight. I wish I could say it’s been a breeze. I must admit that there are still times that I crave a cigarette. And there are many times when I feel I just want to just forget about weight issues and exercise and become the slothful overeater that brought me up to my highest weight.

BUT I am not ever going back. Weight Watchers introduced a new slogan “Be An After, Stay An After” – I am determined to stay an after.


New Year’s Eve

No need to wait for tomorrow. I will post this today. I really want to keep up with my food/exercise, etc. better than I have done in past years.


1/2 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1 cup skim milk


New pressure cooker arrived this week, so I wanted to do some experimenting. I cooked a “beef stew” for lunch – very small servings (beef, carrot, onion, potato) and some canned green peas. A side salad with Almond Accents and some Litehouse Salsa Ranch salad dressing.


Reheated some salsa chicken thighs from the freezer
leftover brown rice from pressure cooker experiment
Trader Joe’s Greens with Envy (yum!)

Don’s off to retrieve some sort of reduced calorie ice cream for our dessert.

Exercise – we walked early this morning (24 degrees, dodging black ice)

Water – will have 3 liters done before I finish here.

A decent day Smile


Out with the old

So what does this all mean?

I need to find a way to keep my momentum going. I need to be accountable, if only to myself. I can not, no, make that I WILL NOT go back to “before”.

I am an after and I will do what it takes to stay an after.

I’m not going to set many goals for now. Just to post here every day. I’m going to use CalorieKing again. I lost all my weight counting points, and I still follow the WW guidelines. But I found some success this past fall tracking calories – in as well as out. The tracking “out” kept me faithfully exercising – so whatever it takes.