Today’s bombshell was the “move”. We’ve heard rumors of a relocation of our cubicles, and today we saw the plan. I suppose it could be worse – the small half-sized cubes on the first floor. But I am not thrilled to be moving from my nice cubicle once removed from a large window into a crowded inside aisle cubicle about 50 feet away. The plus is it is closer to the door and further away from some annoyingly noisy people.


Thank goodness for leftovers

That was dinner. From the pot roast I cooked on Sunday.

And I’ve entered all my food (I think) in CK and I have a pretty low calorie day in spite of eating beef. I didn’t have soup at lunch and had a lower calorie salad, so that could play a part in the total.

Also I used Almond Breeze in my cereal this morning – saved 50 calories right there.

So the scale has been stuck this week and maybe tomorrow it will budge a half pound.

I am having issues with my audio books – I have started two books since the holidays and I can’t “get into” either one of them. So tonight I loaded up on some new ones.

And I found a book that I’d heard about over on L&M that I’d planned to purchase and actually read – so I’ll give it a listen – or hope I can stick to it. I am hoping this inability to concentrate is temporary and that I just need something different to listen to.

Deadline for self-assessment tomorrow. I am about 90% done – I hate those things. And I feel totally inadequate this year as far as accomplishments. It’s just been steady work – but who appreciates that?


Poor planning

Last weekend I planned my menus for the entire week. I meant to do that yesterday, but I neglected to do it. I was so sorry when I got home and had no clue what to fix for dinner.

I had some chicken breasts in the freezer that were relatively quick. Found a recipe on line.

I need to try to come up with some plan for the rest of the week so I don’t come home floundering again.

So I’ve put my food and exercise into CK and I am 28 calories away from 1200 – so kitchen is closed for the day.


First real Monday of the year

So last Monday was a holiday making this the first full work week of 2007 for me.

I experimented with not keeping a journal over the weekend. I am not sure if I should continue with that. The scale is up a half pound from last Monday.

So today it is back to CalorieKing. And back to work.


What is wrong with this picture?

It is JANUARY, for goodness sakes. Robins do not belong in New England in January. This poor young bird obviously is confused and thinks it is Spring.

I just could not resist taking his picture (I presume it is a “he”).

We are having our January thaw before we ever had a freeze. I saw some johnny jump-ups blooming in a rock wall, daffodil bulbs are popping out of the ground, and forsythia’s are beginning to bud. At this rate we are going to have a very ugly blooming season. Which does not amuse me since Spring is my most favorite season of all.


Sixteen Bean Soup

I really wonder if there actually are sixteen kinds of beans in that bag, but I’ll believe it. I really didn’t have a complete recipe. I used what was on the bag –
soaked the beans for a couple of hours last night but I didn’t like the way they were looking, so I drained and rinsed them and put them in the fridge overnight.
This morning I took them out and rinsed them with some warm water.
I put a Tbsp. of olive oil in the cooker and “browned” a large onion, two stalks of celery sliced, and a handful of baby carrots sliced up. I put the beans in, and a smoked pork neckbone. I am not sure how much meat – I bought a package that I divided in thirds – froze the other two portions for future use. Anyway, I added 8 cups of water and set the thing on high pressure for 22 minutes. That was just my best guess and it turned out good. The longest cooking time needed was for garbanzo beans, so I tested one of those and it was tender.

The meat stayed amazingly intact. I did take it and remove as much of the lean meat as I could from the bone and put the meat back into the soup. My cats loved eating the rest of that pork. I offered them the bone, but they obviously are cats and had no clue what to do with it.

So I divided the soup into six portions – our lunch today and two more meals. Not a bad way to spend an hour early this morning.


Still undecided

I am going to just toy with this and see if I feel comfortable sticking with it.  I like the format, etc.  – but it is not as easy to use as Blogger.

It’s no fair making that comparison though if I don’t use this at all.  So today I will play around here.



I am not sure I like this template. I’ve spent the past hour looking around and trying to decide if I want to try something a bit more adventuresome. For now I am a bit leery of messing with success of sorts.

I have a haircut today – two weeks late and I am feeling so frumpy. I need a new hairdo, but I have no idea what it might be. Maybe just a shorter cut will work for now.

We went out to eat last night at Elsa’s Eatery and I had the grilled salmon. It was a bit too heavy with the olive oil and I had heartburn last night. I can not eat fatty food like I once did. This is probably a very good thing, but sometimes I forget.

My scale is up a half pound but that is not a number to be concerned with.

I have plans today to make some bean soup in the pressure cooker. I had an e-mail message from Amazon saying there was a delay in shipping my cookbooks. So I am just winging it for now.



So I didn’t drop two pounds but I had a satisfactory initial weigh in. I was up 1.2 from my extremely low December weigh in, BUT I was down from my January 2006 weigh in – so I’m happy. I have reversed a trend of the past couple of years – going up instead of down.

I used to go to my weigh in and then want to come home and eat – a LOT. But I don’t feel like that anymore. This is really becoming “me” and how I live.

I am also comfortable at the weight I am now – it took a long time – like a whole year – for me to get it out of my head that I had to be in the one twenties to be happy. I’m okay just the way I am right now.

I think I am as pleased about this change in attitude as I am about the good weigh in.

So I stuck to my “planned menu” – and we finished up the pork tenderloin.

I’ve only had 900 calories – that’s too low. Milk before bedtime I think.



I had a good day – not too busy, nothing upsetting – unusual!
I am working on making a good environment at work though, so I must continue to do that. I will conquer this stress.
Very light on dinner here. I could cook but I am going to follow this meal plan.
Tomorrow is WW and I guess I will go and weigh in for January. I need to go to a meeting and I’m under my goal. But I do feel I will be up since last weigh in. I wish I didn’t always dread the leader’s reaction to a gain on the scale. I always feel like I have to defend myself and explain that I can’t lose every single week – but maybe that is just me.

CalorieKing says 1011 calories today. I had 1090 yesterday and scale stayed the same. My target is 1200 – I should lose if I eat less, right?

Whatever … 136 pounds – I’d love to wake up tomorrow with a 2 pound loss!