Who am I?

I am a Weight Watcher. I made goal in 2001 and I have maintained most of my weight loss ever since. A year after I reached goal, I quit smoking. I did put back on 10 pounds, but I still was (and remain) under my Weight Watchers goal weight.

Mount Monadnock

One of my goals other than weight loss involved climbing a mountain. My husband is an avid hiker and I was always too heavy to ever even think of attempting to do some of his hikes. Here is a picture of me on top of Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.

I will post more of my story here as I find the time.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey Flo,
    I have been following your link and info….and want to say thanks for your honesty and sharing. I’ve gotten so many good ideas on meals it’s unbelievable! You are one special lady. Love both you and Don!
    See you at We Can! D

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