Where’s the heat when you need it?

1517085981072Fortunately, the weather has been relatively mild for the past couple of days.  The only snow left is the piles created by the plows. And it’s been in the forties so not that cold.  That is all being said because our heat pump is not working so we just turned it off yesterday and are waiting for the HVAC company to come by shortly to see what’s wrong.

IMG_20180128_133552The cats can’t be bothered since they have their nice fur coats.  Sakaura sleeps most the days now.  She usually sleeps with her tongue sticking out of her mouth and she snores!

Georgia sleeps enough but I never see her tongue sticking out.  She does, however, snore!





We are watching the Patriots send-off from Gillette Stadium on their way to the Super Bowl.  One more week of football.  I confess I will miss it.


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