50 days until Spring but who’s counting?


Another warm January weekend.  Three years ago we were buried in snow, so I’ll take 48 degrees and mostly grass outside.

Saturday was a bust.  I ordered some accessories for Don’s phone but ordered the wrong size.  So now I have to send them back.  New order placed to arrive tomorrow.  I also ordered a new case for my phone and it’s okay but I miss having the Popsocket that I had to remove to get my phone out from between my car seat and the console.  So yesterday I ordered a Loopy case.  I didn’t realize how heavy my old case was until I slipped on the new one I got from Amazon. I hope the Loopy is light, too.

I have been saying forever that I need to make (and stick to) a meal plan, so this morning I’ve done that.  I need to go downstairs now and retrieve the protein in the plan from the freezer.  I am going to make this recipe which I’ve done many times.  I have some regular chicken thighs in the freezer that I am going to debone to use.  I will than them today and put them in the marinade overnight.

As for today, I have no idea what we are eating.   laugh


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