Thursday, January 25

Don got a new phone today.  He never really uses a phone so I wanted to get him off of our expensive Verizon plan and on to a no-contract plan that was a bit cheaper.  We signed up for Consumer Cellular for a monthly charge of $20.

I had to order a case and screen-protectors from Amazon and they will be delivered on Saturday.  I also ordered a new case for my phone.   The other one got a bit banged up in the fiasco yesterday.

              Tom Brady #12 The GOAT

                   Rob Gronkowski #87

I also ordered some yarn from WEBS.  I am a sucker for “exclusive colorways” especially when they are associated with my beloved Patriots.  I need yarn like I need another hole in my head but it will be fun to see how it knits up.  I may even make socks out of the sock yarn!The sock yarn is for Tom and the DK yarn is for Gronk.  It’s a scarf or a hat.  I can’t justify buying a lot of yarn at this price when I don’t have a real plan for it.

We had a late lunch of fish and chips at Scales so a light dinner was on tap.  Sakaura is still on strike and didn’t eat her 4 o’clock wet cat food.  She expected me to hand feed her some of my own dinner.  She was very disappointed but still did not attempt to eat her own food.  If this continues I guess we need to visit the vet.  She’s always been such a big eater.


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