Never a dull moment

We made a trip to Aldi this afternoon. Actually, we drove by a new doctor’s office that is on the same street as Aldi to get the exact location for an appointment next Wednesday.  When we came home I put away the groceries and put a small saucepan with some quinoa and wild rice on the stove to cook.  Directions said to bring to a boil and then simmer, so I had the burner turned relatively high.

I wanted to look up something on my phone and realized I’d likely left it in the car so I quickly went outside to get the phone.  The phone was down between the driver’s seat and the console, and it was stuck.  I worked and worked to get it out and (fortunately)went back into the house to get a tool and smelled something burning.  The food had boiled out onto the range top and was smoldering.  So I took the pot off the stove and turned on a fan and went back to working on the phone.  It took me almost a half hour to get that phone.  I hammered and pulled and finally was able to jar it free.  I was hopeful it still worked and it did.  good

Then Don had a call from Walgreen’s regarding a prescription ready for pickup except he’d not asked for a refill on that so we got into a dialogue with Walgreen’s and with CVS the new pharmacy of choice and spent another half hour involved with that.   We were late feeding the cats which was strange because Sakaura is like a regular alarm clock with her feedings.  So we got the cat food but then there was no cat.  OMG, I figured she’d gotten out of the house during one of my desperate trips in and out getting tools to work on the stuck phone.  So here I am out in my slippers trecking over the ice calling a cat.  Then I hear Don calling me from the house.  He’d found the stray cat BUT she didn’t want her food.  This is very strange for this cat but she held out and would only eat some salmon off of my dinner plate.  She’s currently sleeping and I hope she just had a bad afternoon and will be her usual hungry self in the morning.
IMG_20180120_124730I made a big Instant Pot full of vegetable soup on Sunday and we had some of that with some Low Carb Cheesy Skillet Bread.  I love that recipe. And it is very cheesy!

IMG_20180121_114410I cooked some Sous Vide salmon for dinner with the salvaged quinoa brown rice mix and some steamed fresh spinach.  The cat loved the salmon.  The phone still works.  And I am mentally exhausted.

Tomorrow is our maid day so that means Don will clean up all his clutter in the a.m. and we will vacate the house.  The weather will be partly sunny and cold.  We’ll likely go out for lunch and I may venture to Target to sign Don up for a new phone service.  I want to get away from Verizon if I can, however, I still owe them for my phone so I’ll stick it out for a while until I know that the new phone service works well and then I’ll switch, too.

I may be sleeping by nine!


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