Tuesday again – December 12

We did get out to the botanical gardens to see the Christmas lights.  The rain ended early in the morning and by the time it was time to go you’d never know it had even rained at all.

On Tuesday last week, I got a notification of a lightning deal from Amazon and I found myself ordering a Sous  Vide Cooker.  It was set to arrive on Friday and the first thing I wanted to make was some eggnog.  I had a free delivery from Instacart so I ordered some groceries from Wegman’s including almond milk and spices for the nog.
The Sous Vide arrived on Friday and I made eggnog.  Since I had heated up way too much water and hated to let it go to waste I decided to cook a pork tenderloin.  I took the meat straight from the freezer and cooked it for an hour.
Oh, my goodness was it ever good. It was fork tender and cooked exactly like I wanted it.  Don was very impressed as well.  It was simply delicious.
We enjoyed a glass of eggnog later.  I did not make the almond milk recipe but used some whole milk instead.  The nog was not as thick as that you get in the store but it had no crazy additives and I reduced the recommended sweetener by half.  I used maple syrup.  The taste is really good.
On Saturday it snowed all day long.  I think we got about 7 inches of snow.  By Sunday the streets and sidewalks were clear and we got out and walked around the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.1512935181162
Yesterday I cooked some sous vide salmon.  It was delicious!  I may cook it at a bit lower temperature next time so that it stays a tiny bit rare in the middle.  I made a new recipe to go along with the fish.  Mine is not as pretty.  Next time I need to get out my mandoline to cut the veggies.
IMG_20171211_165351So I am totally addicted to sous vide.  It takes planning since the cook times can be long. But the results are amazing.  Tomorrow I am making Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites but I am cooking them in my Instant Pot.

We were up late last night watching football.   I see Don sleeping sitting straight up on the sofa.  laugh   It will be an early bedtime for me!

Dinner tonight was leftover pork tenderloin that I reheated in the water bath.  As promised, it was heated but no more cooking happened.  That is one thing I hate about reheating leftover meat!  This thing’s a winner!


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