Tuesday, December 5th


I decided to avoid the protein shake this a.m.  My scale was up about a quarter pound but that much variation is normal and I won’t blame the whey just yet.  Instead, I scrambled some eggs and nuked some pre-cooked bacon.  We needed a bit of carb so I had some of this bread in the freezer.  I’m lucky that I can bake and freeze some grain-free bread and not be tempted to just sit and eat the whole pan.  And it’s always handy to have some on hand, too.


I cranked up my Instant Pot after breakfast to make some more bean soup.  This recipe is so simple, but it is truly delicious.


And after cleaning up the Instant Pot and putting away the leftover soup I had a small boneless pork shoulder that came in my last Butcher Box.  I cooked it for 90 minutes and shredded part of it, but since it was thick and partially frozen when I started I put some of it back into the pot and cooked another 15 minutes.  It was perfect.  We had Don’s favorite sauerkraut and some Trader Joe’s frozen sweet potatoes.  These are amazing.  I hope they are not ever discontinued.

So today is a food journal.  I see we ate pork at every meal.  That was not planned but it was all good.  good

It’s been raining most of the day.  I am hoping that the forecast is true and that it will end before morning because we have tickets tomorrow to go to Winter Reimagined.  It will be unusually mild but if it is not raining I don’t mind.


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