December 4, 2017

I can’t let this go too long like I did before.  Yesterday was a pretty non-eventful day.  If it’s Sunday you can bet there will be football on at some point.  I had cooked one small flat-iron steak on Saturday and I cooked the other one yesterday and we had that over a salad for our lunch.


I overcooked this one a bit.  I’ve decided I like this cut of meat but it needs to be barely cooked.  I have a buddy who watches every bite and she’d have no issue with it no matter how it was cooked.

IMG_20171202_170549She doesn’t miss a bite.  And sometimes she is lucky and I’ll hand feed her.  That is probably why she sits and watches me every single meal.

I’d made a promise to myself that I would not eat out for two whole weeks, but my friend Helen asked me to meet her for lunch today so I went.  I had a pretty decent lunch of a blue cheese and bacon wedge salad and a cup of French onion soup.

We went shopping once I got home. We were almost out of coffee and that can never happen.  I actually picked up most all the things I needed and came home and made this Spinach and Prosciutto Fritatta for our dinner.  This is the second time I make this and it is really delicious.

IMG_20171204_165542I was happy to find no sugar added prosciutto at Aldi recently!


I’ve been losing weight slowly the past few days and I am wondering if I may be on to a reason why I have been stalled for so long.  I’ve not had milk with the exception of a small amount in my coffee since we came home last Tuesday.  This morning I did make a protein shake using some whey protein but with soy milk.  I’ll be interested in seeing how I feel in the morning and what the scale shows.  I know I haven’t felt as bloated so there is definitely something there to consider.  I do hope that I can continue with the whey and just use soy or almond milk.

Don’s got basketball tonight so I will be in bed watching The Voice.  I don’t have a real favorite but I think Noah is adorable.


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