December 2, 2017

I am always starting again.  I don’t know why it’s been so long since I last wrote.  It is my intention to be more regular because I *need* reminders daily and this blog has been a great resource in years past.

So today is a regular Saturday here.  We went to Poultney and Glens Falls last week for Thanksgiving.


We had a late lunch at The Dorsett Inn on Thursday. It was really good.  I had the traditional turkey dinner and it was perfect.IMG_20171123_163826

We stayed over at Becky and Matt’s on Thursday night.  That is a view from the upstairs window.  The house across the street used to be a church.  I’ve always been curious about how it’s finished inside.IMG_20171125_095228

On Friday afternoon we drove to Glens Falls and checked into the Queensbury Hotel.  It was all decked out for Christmas!  I love this old hotel that is now being remodeled.  It still is such a charming place and we’ve stayed so often that it’s almost like a home away from home.


Our room was all the way at the end of this long corridor so I got in lots of walking!  I needed that because I really more or less ate what I wanted during this trip.


Our view from the fourth floor was great and I captured a nice picture early Saturday morning.

IMG_20171126_185417On Sunday we went to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant in the area, and I stopped and grabbed this picture as we were getting ready to get into the elevator.  Little did I know what lay ahead.

IMG_20171127_024258At around 8 Don told me he was very sick.  He has medication that usually stops these episodes so I told him to take a pill and try to relax.  By 10 o’clock he was no better and I told him to get dressed and we’d go to the hospital.  The hotel is mere blocks away from Glens Falls Hospital and we were in the ER within minutes.  He got medicine for nausea and some IV fluids and some diagnostic test, including a C-Scan.  The verdict was the same as usual – gastroenteritis.  And we were discharged around 3 a.m.

When we got back to the hotel the snow was falling and it was very cold.  I immediately canceled our plans to leave the next morning and we stopped by the desk to see if we could have our room for one more night.
IMG_20171127_143957We didn’t sleep that late, but the next day we felt much better.  I guess we likely could have made the drive home but since we’d reserved the room we decided to stay and hope for a good night’s sleep before leaving on Tuesday.  We drove down to Saratoga Springs for lunch and an after lunch gelato.  That was a nice treat.

Tuesday morning we packed and ate breakfast at The Silo.  It’s a normal last breakfast of the trip location.  The drive home was uneventful.  Since we had a large and later than usual breakfast we drove straight home without stopping for lunch.  We picked up our cats and took the suitcases into the house and then went for a late lunch/early supper at 2 Ovens.


The cats were glad to be home but Georgia seems to have picked up a bad habit!  laugh   I had to capture a picture before scolding her!


On Wednesday Don had his eye doctor appointment.  His eyes are holding steady so the next injections will be at 6 weeks instead of 5.  And we went to lunch afterward at Oak Barrel Tavern. Our first visit and I liked the atmosphere and the food.  I had a bowl of chili and that inspired me to make some chili at home.

I found this recipe and I think it’s good but I’m not sure it is the best ever.  It was simple enough though and we enjoyed eating it leftover for lunch today.

Last night I dreamed I’d gained ten pounds on our trip and since I’d not weighed since returning this morning I faced the scale.  I did gain one pound which is not as bad as the dream but something that I need to address.

It was fun to get away but it is always great to be back at home.



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