August 20

That plan didn’t last long.  The next day I had a shake for breakfast and that’s not a very interesting picture!


Today’s breakfast was much more interesting!

On Friday, Don had his eye injections and he mentioned wanting a margarita so we went out to eat Mexican food.  I knew I’d pay on the scale and I did.  But we enjoyed our dinner.


We ordered Fajitas for Two and it included beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp.  We had lots leftover so I brought them home and made a hash of sorts for our breakfast.  I added a small sweet potato and we ate it with avocado, salsa, and sour cream.


Our second shipment from  Butcher Box was delivered on Friday and last night I cooked two of the boneless pork chops along with some roasted green beans and cherry tomatoes.  And, of course, fresh from the farm corn on the cob.


One day for lunch we had eggs scrambled with cottage cheese mixed in.
And for dinner, we had grilled salmon along with leftovers of some greens I’d cooked in my Instant Pot earlier in the week.  Yummy!

So there is a recap of food pictures.  I am actually photographing my meals (except for the shakes) and I have a way to look back on any particular date and see what we ate that day.

I need to make a plan with my Butcher Box meat and decide if I need to go to the every month box instead of every other month.


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