June 2 – What happened to May

I don’t know why I continue to ignore this diary. I seriously need to record things since both Don and I have memory issues and some days I can look here to get a clue what is happening or has happened in our lives. I suppose now the only record I have is Flickr so I’m going to attempt to recreate some May memories.

Early in the month, we went to Tower Hill and the tulips were in full bloom.  We missed the daffodils but we’d seen that several times and I enjoyed the tulips!
Tower Hill - May 4 2017

I finished a scarf which was a huge accomplishment.  I’d purchased the yarn several years ago when I learned to knit and it has had several lives but nothing I really wanted to continue.  I think this simple triangular scarf will be perfect.


Sakaura went to the vet for her annual physical and vaccinations update.  She’d lost a bit of weight so Dr. K wants us to weigh her in a month and see if she’s continuing to lose.  If so he may want to run some blood tests and likely start her on thyroid medication.  We’d been watching her weight so we’ve stopped restricting her food and I hope she can maintain her current weight.


We made our first trip to Old Sturbridge Village since last fall and it was an extremely hot day for May.  I  believe we hit ninety degrees that afternoon.  I am glad I don’t have to wear wool all the time like the poor sheep!


The triangular scarf that I finished was my television watching project since it was simple enough that I did not need to pay attention to a pattern.  So I ordered some more yarn and started another television project that I hope to complete before it’s cool enough to use.  It’s a great shawl pattern.


Over the Memorial Day weekend, we visited Becky and Matt on Friday/Saturday.  Saturday we had a nice lunch on the lake.  The weather was perfect and my Cobb salad was excellent!


On Saturday afternoon we drove over to Glens Falls so that we could visit with Greg on Sunday.  His birthday is on the 29th and Becky’s is June 1 so we usually have a joint celebration during the Memorial Day holiday.  We stayed at the Queensbury Hotel and were pleased with their renovations.  Especially nice were the new mattresses they have in all of the rooms.  It is really an elegant old hotel and we love it.


We returned home on Tuesday.  Georgia is in love with an old cat carrier that Don brought up for their trip to the cat SPA.  She’s lived in there ever since she got home.


So it was not a really eventful month.  Don had his visit with both the ophthalmologist and the retina specialist this month.  Both seem okay with his progress (or lack thereof).  He is still on an every 5-week injection in both eyes routine.  The left eye is good with no damage to his vision.  The right eye continues to have blurry vision so it is possible that it may just remain that way with no more improvement but at least no more damage will occur.

I did purchase a new scale and have begun a daily weighing routine.  I plan on continuing to do that and see the trends instead of staying off the scale and being surprised (usually by an uptick and never a loss).  I did see a blip up on Tuesday after our 4 straight days of eating all meals out but it was tiny compared to what I have seen in the past and most all of it is gone already.  I am ready to see a small steady loss regularly as I continue to fine tune my “diet”.

SO now that it is June I need to be more faithful to tracking things.  I am going to try to do some sort of photo a day.  Maybe that will  keep me motivated.


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