March 20 – first day of Spring

It was a nice mild day today.  Tonight after dinner we went for a short walk around the block.  The snow is getting softer but it will take many warm days to get rid of it all.

Right after lunch, we went to the Auburn Mall to get pedicures.  I was ready for some Spring feet.  Speaking of lunch, I made some Black Bean Tofu Hash and made a “taco” salad with it.  We love this meatless meal.

I made a batch of Cauliflower Dirty Rice last night.  It is really a good recipe.  I used a bit less broth in it this time since the first time it was a bit too juicy.  In fact, we ate the leftovers in a bowl and it was reminiscent of gumbo.

Tonight we had some simple grilled salmon with some sauteed greens and split a baked sweet potato.  I ate a small bowl of yogurt, but other than that the day was dairy free.  I am experimenting this week to see if perhaps dairy has been a stumbling block to my weight loss.  My scale has been moving down the past few days so I may be on to something.


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