Are you kidding me? February 16 already

I am not sure what happened but I guess there is no time like the present to start writing again. So much has happened during the last almost 4 months that I can’t really catch up.


We had no snow until February, and we’ve had several storms since.  We are due a warm up this next week, though, so I am hopeful for an early Spring.

At Thanksgiving, we went to Hot Springs to a family reunion. Below is a picture where we were all acting a bit crazy.  Even the dog got into the act!


Work had been progressing rather slowly on the condo.  But we are almost completely done now.  I’ll have to get some new updated photos of the finished project.


Nothing much is going on and that is good.  Don continues to have the injections in his eye.  The medication was changed for the last two shots and the scans are showing improvement.

My son is having surgery next week for a shoulder problem.  He’s been trying to get it approved by his company’s workmen’s compensation program and has had to wait several months.  I am glad he will finally be able to have this fixed.  He was in so much pain when he was here in July, and it is time to get some relief.  I am also happy that he seems to be in a very happy relationship now.  He brought his girl to our reunion in November and the entire family loved her.  The best description is one he gave me early on when he said, “She’s normal, mom.”  He’s had a few encounters with not so normal ones, so I am happy to get that reassurance!

So I need to get back to some more regular posting.  I tried a new app on my phone and it was just not something I could keep up with.  I really need a diary.  My memory is shot.


4 thoughts on “Are you kidding me? February 16 already

  1. I’m so glad you are back! I’ve been checking daily to see if you have posted updates because I love your blog. I thought you were probably busy with all of the ongoing renovations to your home. You have great recipe ideas and I also like to see what you have been knitting. You are such a good writer. I started following your blog when Don was in the hospital after his pedestrian/vehicular accident, so I’ve been following you for a long time. I am a Lifetime WW member, also trying to remain an ‘after’. :wink:

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