Thursday, October 27

Again a lot of catching up to do.  This was the view out back for a while.  All of the cedar siding has been removed and now some patching is going on.


We had some lovely foliage out across the circle from us, though.  The reds have been especially bright this year.


I experimented adding some grains back into my diet.  We were in Trader Joe’s and I saw a blend of rice and black barley that looked good.  It was from the freezer and easy enough to try out.  I made a shrimp and asparagus stir-fry to eat along with a portion of it.  It worked out fine.  Earlier attempts to eat brown rice really left me hungry, but I think maybe adding that barley helped.


Another day I made grain-free waffles for our lunch.  I made a double batch and we actually ate them again for lunch today.


This is the side of our building.  Some of the white trim has been added.  It has been extremely noisy during the installation.


On Monday Don had an appointment with Dr. Lerner.  He doesn’t have to go back until April (hopefully!)  He also got his flu shot.


This is the front of our building now.  With all of the construction mess, we’ve really stayed inside most of the time.  The doctor wants Don to start some more regular walking.


This is the house next door that is almost finished.


Today is very cold and it started raining around noon so the guys have shut down for the day.  I am hoping we will be finished for the most part by Thanksgiving, but I will not hold my breath!


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