October 19 – Demolition begins

After being told this work would start on August 1st, last night we got an email that it would begin today. So much for advance notice.

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I last posted.


I got a bed skirt and I like the new look in my bedroom.  The quilt is a bit large, but that is better than being too small in my opinion.


On Monday of last week, the painting was finished on our slider.  Georgia is always the curious cat and she had to inspect.


We did get out to Boylston to view the nice foliage at the rail trail just past the reservoir.  That has always been a favorite spot for leaves!


And afterward, we made our last of the year visit to Rota Springs.  I mistakenly ordered a small ice cream instead of a kiddie.  It was really sugar overload.


The foliage is really nice nearer to home.  We have been walking in the late afternoons recently.


In other news, I finished my scarf that I probably have worked on for a year.  It took it three days to dry when I blocked it. It is hard to get a good picture, but the colors are very autumn-like.


And, finally, food!  Last night’s dinner was oven roasted cabbage and eggs.  My weight went up for a week and now this week it is fluctuating but on a downward track.  I still have not figure out this puzzle.


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