Friday, September 30

Where has the month gone? Seems like Don’s birthday was just yesterday.  It’s getting cooler out and soon there won’t be flowers left.


On Wednesday I was ambitious and made some Coconut Cashew Clusters from my Always Hungry book.  My first attempt at these trying to just drop them on parchment paper didn’t work very well and it has been months since then.  I decided to try them in my muffin top pans and that was a success.

We each ate one after dinner and the remaining four are in the refrigerator still.  Dinner that night was some chicken breast that I sauteed in some butter, and roasted green beans with grape tomatoes.  Very tasty!


Yesterday we ran around getting some things from Home Depot and then made a trip to the store to pick up some things I needed for a soup I am making today.  We got a rotisserie chicken which we ate for dinner along with some leftover green beans and chard from Monday night.  Today I took the leftover chicken and made the Chicken, Grapes and Walnuts salad from my book.  I actually divided the salad up into four servings, and have my tomorrow’s lunch all put away.


I am making an Italian cabbage, tomato, beef soup for dinner.  I’ll share that recipe tomorrow.

Don has had some double vision.  He has a call in to his doctor and we are now waiting for a call back.  I am hoping it is nothing to be too concerned with given that it is Friday.  I wish he’d mentioned this on Monday, but that’s life.

Still waiting for the painters to patch nail holes and paint the door frame.  We picked up the blinds for the basement yesterday and I am hopeful we can install them this weekend.  It is going to be rainy so that is a good plan I think.


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