Wednesday, September 28

I was drinking coffee in my pajamas when the guys arrived to fix the slider.  I ran to get dressed thinking it would only take an hour at most.  That was at 8:30.  They finished around noon.  It still needs to be inspected by the project manager, but I think they may have fixed the problem today.  They replaced one of the sections of glass that may have been warped.

We decided to go to the Big E on Monday and we had a pretty decent day.  We got caught in traffic and arrived way past our normal lunch time.  Instead of depending on fair food we stopped at Five Guys and got cheeseburgers and just tossed the bread.  That is a really good option.  It tasted much better than this picture looks!

So we went to the fair mainly to see the animals and there were so many cute ones.  This was one of my favorites – a baby alpaca!
There were also many disgusting things – few more deplorable than this shirt being sold.  I can even go there!  But this is my blog and I can post whatever I want LOL!
We left the fair without tasting one bite of fair food.  We bought a $1.00 bottle of water and escaped not feeling like Miss Piggy who is pictured here taking a rest after feeding her EIGHT piglets!
We came home and ate leftover waffles.  There is nothing like good home-cooked food.   Last night I grilled some salmon and sauteed some rainbow chard.  We bought what was maybe the last sweet corn of the season on Sunday so had an ear of corn with dinner.
That brings me to lunch today.  Tuna salad on top of half a head of shredded romaine, with some local heirloom tomato.  This is one of my favorite throw together meals.  I can put this together in less than 5 minutes and it is oh so good!
Weighed this a.m. and the scale is down a tiny bit.  According to my app that is graphing my weight losses I am on schedule to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds on my birthday!  The good part about it is – this is so very easy!


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