Sunday, September 25th

I am way behind here. The window painting took two days. We were stuck in the house, so when Saturday arrived we were ready to hit the road.

We went first out to Cooper’s Hilltop Farm for milk and eggs. Then in the afternoon we shopped for brackets to rehang our old blinds. That was not really successful. We also shopped at BJ’s for some food.

Today we went to return the brackets that did not fit to Lowe’s and went to buy some at Home Depot. A set of brackets cost $2.99. Across the aisle, new vinyl blinds cost $4.59. Forget the brackets. We picked up two new ones to see if the fit, with plans to buy four more for the basement. We got one hung this afternoon and the fit is great.

Tomorrow we plan to go to The Big E. Blinds can wait until later.

Oh, and in other news, the new slider is going to be removed and replaced. That is supposed to be a quick fix, but it will likely go over at least two days. The woodwork will need to bo prepped and repainted, and it’s likely that can’t be done on the same day.

Starting a weight loss challenge with the We Can girls. I hope this doesn’t mess up my progress. So far my head has been in a good spot, but I’ve only been accountable to myself.



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