September 22, First day of Fall

When did the first day of fall change from September 21?  No matter the date it feels like summer still anyway.

Today was the day for painting the window trim.  I did my best to move the vertical blinds out of the way in the living room.


I also moved the hanging plants after taking this picture.


I wish I could say this job was done. I am sitting here now with no blinds on any of the windows or the sliding glass door in our living area. No paint happened at all. The ONE person working did fill in the nail holes on all the windows here and the one small window in the bathroom. He is due back at 8 a.m. hopefully to finish. I will believe that when I see it!

There was no way I felt like trying to come up with dinner so we went to the good old 99 Restaurant & Pub.  I had my usual glazed salmon with roasted asparagus, tomatoes and broccoli.


Now we are waiting for the football game that will start at 8!  Hope it is a great game.  It should be because…



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