Tuesday, September 20

It’s been a week.  It seems like it was much longer.  But we have new windows!  As promised, the guys arrived early on Wednesday morning and started taking the old windows out.


It went much quicker than I expected.  They got all of the windows out and the new windows in before they took their lunch break.


The next day they came back to install the trim.  We had to improvise overnight in some cases.  I used my shower curtain in the bedroom.  I rather liked the look!


On Thursday early the trim was installed.  They finished really early.  The two basement windows did not come with the order so their installation was delayed.


But the upstairs was done.  It is hard to tell in this dark picture but there is a tiny bit of leaf color change happening in some of the maples.


And the swans are back on the pond.  We did try to get out and walk most evenings after supper.  Yesterday was rainy and we had a condo association meeting so I am not sure if the swans or still around.  Perhaps tonight we an check again.


It’s really not been chili weather but I have wanted some so I made chili on Sunday in my Instant Pot.  I also made a batch of “no-corn” bread from my Chickpea Flour Cookbook.  This time I made them in my Vitamix muffin top pans and they came out perfectly portioned.  This is such a good recipe!  I just discovered a very similar recipe on the cookbook author’s website.  Just leave out the blueberries and sweetener.


So today the basement got new windows.  And on Thursday the painting crew will be in to cover the nail holes and paint,  And then by Friday I hope that all our inside work will be finished!


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