Making yogurt

This morning I have a gallon of yogurt straining on top of my stove.  I’d had several unsuccessful batches or too small batches so I wanted to make new yogurt and record exactly what I did so that if it worked I’d have a process for future batches.  I did follow some instructions from a blogger but I will not share that link because it was probably the most annoying blog post I’ve ever come across.  Over 30 pictures with many of them being almost repetitious and that wasted so much time.

First, I “sterilized” my pot. Even though it was clean, many people suggest you do this to make sure there is no bacteria present that could interfere with the bacteria needed to make the yogurt.  I put in a couple of cups of water and hit “Steam”, reducing the time to 5 minutes.  While this was going on I went and took shower and got dressed.

I added a gallon of Cooper’s Hilltop Farm milk and pressed the Yogurt button.  Then did the Adjust so that the “boil” function started.  I took a look at the clock and it was 9:45.  At 10:40 the IP beeped that the boil was complete.  I checked the temperature and it as 181°.  The blog I was reading (and several others I’ve read) said that if you want extra thick yogurt you should raise the temperature to 185° and let it sit at that temperature for 5-10 minutes.  After this step, I stirred the milk and turned the pot off.

I’d left the milk in the inner pot but took the pot itself out of the Instant Pot to just sit on the stove top to cool.  It took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes for it to cool to 110°.  I have only cooled to 115° at times, but I followed the instructions I was using explicitly.  I added 1/4 cup of Fage Total 0 (which is what I had in my fridge) and set the pot to incubate for 8 hours.  I often have “yogurt” after 5 to 6 hours,  but I left it at 8 knowing I could stop it when I decided it was ready.

At 5 hours it still appeared to be very runny and I was a bit nervous.  I checked at 6 hours and there seemed to be a bit of whey separating so I left it longer.  Actually, I forgot about it and it was at 7½ hours by the time I remembered.  At this point there a good amount of whey and taking a spoon from the yogurt I could see the good consistency that I was hoping for.  So I covered the pot and put it into the refrigerator.

This morning I had some really good yogurt.  It’s been draining now for about 4 hours and I am going to put it into jars now.  I am going to save the whey and see if I can use it as a starter next time.  And I am going to use some of the whey as liquid in a recipe I plan on making later today.


Fast Forward to Monday!

monday-071I don’t think I’ve ever been one to hate Mondays.  They are days full of promise to me, and since I’ve chosen Monday as the first “fast day” of my week, I have started really looking forward to them.

I had a nice weekend.  Probably ate too many sweets yesterday, but I tracked it all and didn’t come in too far over my My Fitness Pal goal.

Today as I am sitting here sipping my Fire Cider that I purchased at the farmers’ market on Saturday, I was surprised to find a recipe for it online.  I don’t know that making it would be less expensive than just buying it though.  I do like it.  The kick from the habanero is awesome!

We are not doing a CSA this year so I will be a regular at the farmers’ markets nearby.  Saturday I also bought some fresh eggs, asparagus, rhubarb, and a rhubarb plant.  I hope next year to be able to pick a stalk of my own!



Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

Tried another new slow cooker recipe today. And it made a side dish of roasted acorn squash with sweet orange vanilla finishing butter. This was a demo item at Wegman’s, and I couldn’t resist. I’ve tried their savory finishing butter, but this will be excellent with winter squash.

Got a lot accomplished today, and watched the Patriots come alive in the second half today and beat the Dolphins. I’m not about to stay up and watch the baseball game. Tomorrow is a workday.


A new recipe

I had the yummiest supper. Pork chop, roasted green beans, and a new recipe.

I saw this recipe in Wegman’s latest magazine. It is definitely a winner.  Roasted Delicata with Fennel and Red Onion.  Wegman’s has removed the link from their website.

I’d never used fennel before. It was wonderful. I watch too much “Chopped” since I want to say it added a lot of depth and richness to the flavors of this dish.

I calculated the recipe in My Fitness Pal using 2 T of basting oil, and no pumpkin oil since I didn’t have any. I’ll make this one again! And even though I wanted to eat it all, I did portion it out, so we have leftovers. I will confess that I really wanted to lick the pan. LOL

Tomorrow I have an all day, meaning from 8 to 5, meeting. That means makeup and real shoes. Ugh!


A new recipe Recipe

By Flo Published: September 16, 2013

    I had the yummiest supper. Pork chop, roasted green beans, and a new recipe. I saw this recipe in Wegman's latest magazine. It is …



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        Still around and starting up again

        I made a new recipe today. Korean Beef in my crockpot. Yummy!

        After a week of no loss and no gain, I've decided it is time to stop the nonsense and try to get back into a good eating routine. A Facebook friend has been using the Lose It! app since June and has done really well. I am hoping a new tool may give me some new determination. I know all I have to do is stick to my tracking and add in some exercise regularly and I can get back to my feel good




        Cabbage and eggs

        I think this is one of the best suppers we eat. Cabbage roasted in the oven with eggs. Probably the butter in the recipe makes it extra good.

        I did not go into work today. Next week will be a busy one, and it involves an all day set if meetings on Wednesday. PowerPoint poisoning!

        Don has an appointment early on Tuesday for an endoscopy. Medication is just not working for his heartburn anymore. I think his PCP just needs some help in figuring out the problem and a way to treat it,

        Then I have a ton of work facing me on Thursday and Friday. It's going to be a tough week,



        Welcome April!

        We went to brunch yesterday at Old Sturbridge Village. That’s the meetinghouse in the distance.

        This is a baby lamb who was just born on Saturday. It was the fifth lamb born this season. Spring is in the air.


        Inspired by yesterday’s brunch, I used some of our corned beef left from St. Patrick’s Day to make some corned beef hash. I’d taken the leftovers and frozen them in two portions. I may make the hash again. It was yummy. I cooked some eggs in with the hash, but next time I’ll cook them separately so I have a bit more control over their doneness. They got a little too hard for my taste.

        Tomorrow I go into my office again. Unfortunately, our cold weather is back again. At least it is only cold though with no ice or snow.

        My little cat loves a bag or a box. I had this tote out and she quickly claimed it. She’s still squinting a lot. If she’s no better in the a.m. I’m going to ask Don to bring her to the vet.


        Quinoa, Zucchini and Corn in Lemon Butter


        I tried a new recipe today. It was a hit! We ate it warm, but I’m anxious to try the leftovers cold. It is a perfect lunch side with a salad or a sandwich.

        We went shopping for Don this afternoon. His boots were showing signs of wear. He found some nice Merrill hiking boots, and I convinced him he should but some plain dressier looking boots. I hate looking at the hiking boots every time we go out. He got these.

        How can the weekend be half over already? It just doesn’t seem fair. I don’t seem to have much to say every day here, but so far I don’t think I’ve missed a day. It’s one habit that’s stuck so far.


        Count points. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

        I don’t have much today. I did read a great post though and wanted to share it. Weight Watchers, Meet Michael Pollan. I need to get back on this plan. Maybe in February!

        I shouldn’t even talk about going back to a plant based diet and then share a recipe I tried here for dinner. But I will.

        Brown Sugar Chicken, and it was so good. I just cooked a half recipe, and will definitely make this again ( before we stop eating meat again) smile for sure.

        It was a good day. I even got a brisk walk around the block in despite the cold.

        Tomorrow is already Friday. I could go for three day work weeks every week!