It’s been a costly few days

Screenshot_20180131-083825.pngWe found out on Monday that our entire heating/cooling system needed to be replaced.  It was a cold morning here as we waited for the contractor to arrive.  But they did get here early and by 4 this afternoon we have heat again.

Yesterday Don had an appointment with the podiatrist.  On our way home we stopped by Trader Joe’s.   I love this sign hanging over a display of their “Everything Bagel Seasoning”.  Go Pats!
Today for lunch I reheated some leftover black bean and tofu hash to make a mock taco salad.  It was so good.  That is really one of my favorite recipes that comes together in 10-15 minutes.IMG_20180131_113540And in other exciting news, today part of my order from WEBS arrived in the mail.  It’s a kit to make a stocking cap but I am not going to start on it until I finish the shawl I am currently working on.IMG_20180131_143628This is just a mish-mash of things but I didn’t want to go long again without posting anything.  I really need to do this for my own record and sanity.


Where’s the heat when you need it?

1517085981072Fortunately, the weather has been relatively mild for the past couple of days.  The only snow left is the piles created by the plows. And it’s been in the forties so not that cold.  That is all being said because our heat pump is not working so we just turned it off yesterday and are waiting for the HVAC company to come by shortly to see what’s wrong.

IMG_20180128_133552The cats can’t be bothered since they have their nice fur coats.  Sakaura sleeps most the days now.  She usually sleeps with her tongue sticking out of her mouth and she snores!

Georgia sleeps enough but I never see her tongue sticking out.  She does, however, snore!





We are watching the Patriots send-off from Gillette Stadium on their way to the Super Bowl.  One more week of football.  I confess I will miss it.


50 days until Spring but who’s counting?


Another warm January weekend.  Three years ago we were buried in snow, so I’ll take 48 degrees and mostly grass outside.

Saturday was a bust.  I ordered some accessories for Don’s phone but ordered the wrong size.  So now I have to send them back.  New order placed to arrive tomorrow.  I also ordered a new case for my phone and it’s okay but I miss having the Popsocket that I had to remove to get my phone out from between my car seat and the console.  So yesterday I ordered a Loopy case.  I didn’t realize how heavy my old case was until I slipped on the new one I got from Amazon. I hope the Loopy is light, too.

I have been saying forever that I need to make (and stick to) a meal plan, so this morning I’ve done that.  I need to go downstairs now and retrieve the protein in the plan from the freezer.  I am going to make this recipe which I’ve done many times.  I have some regular chicken thighs in the freezer that I am going to debone to use.  I will than them today and put them in the marinade overnight.

As for today, I have no idea what we are eating.   laugh


Pretend it’s Summer


So today I put on my flip-flops and we went off to the mall to get pedicures.  I should never wait this long again.  My feet feel so good tonight although it’s 26 degrees outside.

Our heat does not seem to be working well and, of course, it’s right before a weekend.  Fortunately we do have a warm-up for a couple of days so we will make do and call our HVAC guys on Monday. Don says he thinks the hot water heater has a problem, too.  It is always something.

Leftovers again but now I am out so I’ll need to cook tomorrow.  I have some lovely baby-back ribs that I am going to cook in my Instant Pot.

So I am posting this from WordPress on my Macbook.  I am just exploring different options.


Thursday, January 25

Don got a new phone today.  He never really uses a phone so I wanted to get him off of our expensive Verizon plan and on to a no-contract plan that was a bit cheaper.  We signed up for Consumer Cellular for a monthly charge of $20.

I had to order a case and screen-protectors from Amazon and they will be delivered on Saturday.  I also ordered a new case for my phone.   The other one got a bit banged up in the fiasco yesterday.

              Tom Brady #12 The GOAT

                   Rob Gronkowski #87

I also ordered some yarn from WEBS.  I am a sucker for “exclusive colorways” especially when they are associated with my beloved Patriots.  I need yarn like I need another hole in my head but it will be fun to see how it knits up.  I may even make socks out of the sock yarn!The sock yarn is for Tom and the DK yarn is for Gronk.  It’s a scarf or a hat.  I can’t justify buying a lot of yarn at this price when I don’t have a real plan for it.

We had a late lunch of fish and chips at Scales so a light dinner was on tap.  Sakaura is still on strike and didn’t eat her 4 o’clock wet cat food.  She expected me to hand feed her some of my own dinner.  She was very disappointed but still did not attempt to eat her own food.  If this continues I guess we need to visit the vet.  She’s always been such a big eater.


Never a dull moment

We made a trip to Aldi this afternoon. Actually, we drove by a new doctor’s office that is on the same street as Aldi to get the exact location for an appointment next Wednesday.  When we came home I put away the groceries and put a small saucepan with some quinoa and wild rice on the stove to cook.  Directions said to bring to a boil and then simmer, so I had the burner turned relatively high.

I wanted to look up something on my phone and realized I’d likely left it in the car so I quickly went outside to get the phone.  The phone was down between the driver’s seat and the console, and it was stuck.  I worked and worked to get it out and (fortunately)went back into the house to get a tool and smelled something burning.  The food had boiled out onto the range top and was smoldering.  So I took the pot off the stove and turned on a fan and went back to working on the phone.  It took me almost a half hour to get that phone.  I hammered and pulled and finally was able to jar it free.  I was hopeful it still worked and it did.  good

Then Don had a call from Walgreen’s regarding a prescription ready for pickup except he’d not asked for a refill on that so we got into a dialogue with Walgreen’s and with CVS the new pharmacy of choice and spent another half hour involved with that.   We were late feeding the cats which was strange because Sakaura is like a regular alarm clock with her feedings.  So we got the cat food but then there was no cat.  OMG, I figured she’d gotten out of the house during one of my desperate trips in and out getting tools to work on the stuck phone.  So here I am out in my slippers trecking over the ice calling a cat.  Then I hear Don calling me from the house.  He’d found the stray cat BUT she didn’t want her food.  This is very strange for this cat but she held out and would only eat some salmon off of my dinner plate.  She’s currently sleeping and I hope she just had a bad afternoon and will be her usual hungry self in the morning.
IMG_20180120_124730I made a big Instant Pot full of vegetable soup on Sunday and we had some of that with some Low Carb Cheesy Skillet Bread.  I love that recipe. And it is very cheesy!

IMG_20180121_114410I cooked some Sous Vide salmon for dinner with the salvaged quinoa brown rice mix and some steamed fresh spinach.  The cat loved the salmon.  The phone still works.  And I am mentally exhausted.

Tomorrow is our maid day so that means Don will clean up all his clutter in the a.m. and we will vacate the house.  The weather will be partly sunny and cold.  We’ll likely go out for lunch and I may venture to Target to sign Don up for a new phone service.  I want to get away from Verizon if I can, however, I still owe them for my phone so I’ll stick it out for a while until I know that the new phone service works well and then I’ll switch, too.

I may be sleeping by nine!


Decisions, decisions

That’s the truth. All my resolutions to write regularly have been broken. But here I go again. I need to set aside time and just do it.

Mornings are best because I have time to sit and think. By the end of most days My brain is too tired to concentrate. But I need a record of days. And I’d love to be able to write in the evening. I miss my Blogsy app that I could use on my iPad. I can’t find a good replacement.

So I will just try harder.

Right now I have yogurt straining and we have leftover soup in the fridge for lunch.

Life is good today.


Tuesday again – December 12

We did get out to the botanical gardens to see the Christmas lights.  The rain ended early in the morning and by the time it was time to go you’d never know it had even rained at all.

On Tuesday last week, I got a notification of a lightning deal from Amazon and I found myself ordering a Sous  Vide Cooker.  It was set to arrive on Friday and the first thing I wanted to make was some eggnog.  I had a free delivery from Instacart so I ordered some groceries from Wegman’s including almond milk and spices for the nog.
The Sous Vide arrived on Friday and I made eggnog.  Since I had heated up way too much water and hated to let it go to waste I decided to cook a pork tenderloin.  I took the meat straight from the freezer and cooked it for an hour.
Oh, my goodness was it ever good. It was fork tender and cooked exactly like I wanted it.  Don was very impressed as well.  It was simply delicious.
We enjoyed a glass of eggnog later.  I did not make the almond milk recipe but used some whole milk instead.  The nog was not as thick as that you get in the store but it had no crazy additives and I reduced the recommended sweetener by half.  I used maple syrup.  The taste is really good.
On Saturday it snowed all day long.  I think we got about 7 inches of snow.  By Sunday the streets and sidewalks were clear and we got out and walked around the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.1512935181162
Yesterday I cooked some sous vide salmon.  It was delicious!  I may cook it at a bit lower temperature next time so that it stays a tiny bit rare in the middle.  I made a new recipe to go along with the fish.  Mine is not as pretty.  Next time I need to get out my mandoline to cut the veggies.
IMG_20171211_165351So I am totally addicted to sous vide.  It takes planning since the cook times can be long. But the results are amazing.  Tomorrow I am making Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites but I am cooking them in my Instant Pot.

We were up late last night watching football.   I see Don sleeping sitting straight up on the sofa.  laugh   It will be an early bedtime for me!

Dinner tonight was leftover pork tenderloin that I reheated in the water bath.  As promised, it was heated but no more cooking happened.  That is one thing I hate about reheating leftover meat!  This thing’s a winner!


Tuesday, December 5th


I decided to avoid the protein shake this a.m.  My scale was up about a quarter pound but that much variation is normal and I won’t blame the whey just yet.  Instead, I scrambled some eggs and nuked some pre-cooked bacon.  We needed a bit of carb so I had some of this bread in the freezer.  I’m lucky that I can bake and freeze some grain-free bread and not be tempted to just sit and eat the whole pan.  And it’s always handy to have some on hand, too.


I cranked up my Instant Pot after breakfast to make some more bean soup.  This recipe is so simple, but it is truly delicious.


And after cleaning up the Instant Pot and putting away the leftover soup I had a small boneless pork shoulder that came in my last Butcher Box.  I cooked it for 90 minutes and shredded part of it, but since it was thick and partially frozen when I started I put some of it back into the pot and cooked another 15 minutes.  It was perfect.  We had Don’s favorite sauerkraut and some Trader Joe’s frozen sweet potatoes.  These are amazing.  I hope they are not ever discontinued.

So today is a food journal.  I see we ate pork at every meal.  That was not planned but it was all good.  good

It’s been raining most of the day.  I am hoping that the forecast is true and that it will end before morning because we have tickets tomorrow to go to Winter Reimagined.  It will be unusually mild but if it is not raining I don’t mind.


December 4, 2017

I can’t let this go too long like I did before.  Yesterday was a pretty non-eventful day.  If it’s Sunday you can bet there will be football on at some point.  I had cooked one small flat-iron steak on Saturday and I cooked the other one yesterday and we had that over a salad for our lunch.


I overcooked this one a bit.  I’ve decided I like this cut of meat but it needs to be barely cooked.  I have a buddy who watches every bite and she’d have no issue with it no matter how it was cooked.

IMG_20171202_170549She doesn’t miss a bite.  And sometimes she is lucky and I’ll hand feed her.  That is probably why she sits and watches me every single meal.

I’d made a promise to myself that I would not eat out for two whole weeks, but my friend Helen asked me to meet her for lunch today so I went.  I had a pretty decent lunch of a blue cheese and bacon wedge salad and a cup of French onion soup.

We went shopping once I got home. We were almost out of coffee and that can never happen.  I actually picked up most all the things I needed and came home and made this Spinach and Prosciutto Fritatta for our dinner.  This is the second time I make this and it is really delicious.

IMG_20171204_165542I was happy to find no sugar added prosciutto at Aldi recently!


I’ve been losing weight slowly the past few days and I am wondering if I may be on to a reason why I have been stalled for so long.  I’ve not had milk with the exception of a small amount in my coffee since we came home last Tuesday.  This morning I did make a protein shake using some whey protein but with soy milk.  I’ll be interested in seeing how I feel in the morning and what the scale shows.  I know I haven’t felt as bloated so there is definitely something there to consider.  I do hope that I can continue with the whey and just use soy or almond milk.

Don’s got basketball tonight so I will be in bed watching The Voice.  I don’t have a real favorite but I think Noah is adorable.