August 12th

Just an old picture for my photo a day project today. It was a scorcher and I stayed in all day. Don went out and got his vehicle inspection done.

I have tons of laundry piled up so that's my plan for the weekend.


August 10th

Happy birthday, Brent. You say you feel old at 45. That made me laugh. You have no clue what OLD is. LOL

Otherwise, this has been a long boring day. It was rainy and we stayed in all day long.

Dinner was leftover chicken shawarma, salad and a humongous ear of corn.

I am glad I didn't delete my Blogsy app. It does still work.



August 6

Work all around continues.

We are surrounded with building materials. I am hoping they will start soon so we can be over this.

That is across the street from us.  Below is in our yard.
The rain never came today. We made a trip to Walgreen’s and Trader Joe’s. Salmon and corn on the cob for dinner.

My Prism shot for the day.



August 5

Pretty Sakaura. I call her my bed buddy. I’m lying down in bed watching the Olympics and she just jumped in beside me and is bathing herself.

The next door house is progressing. There’s much more work completed than this picture shows. Still need the siding on the front, and the back decks have not been rebuilt.

There’s a pile of materials in our back yard. It’s killing all of the nice grass under those pallets. Next summer all of this mess will be gone and everything will look new.
The only sign of work here is the covers they have built over the air conditioning units, as well as a cover over the front entrance.

For the past month the work continues on Saturday, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Lots of leftovers today, lots of melon, too. I made some crackers with only egg, almond flour, salt and pepper. They are good. Will need to handle with care!


August 4

I just had to post this picture from tonight's walk. I like it.

Lunch out with Helen and her sister at El Basha. Lite dinner of watermelon and halloumi cheese.

Nothing on the construction today.


Two new to me treats!

Bullet proof coffee. I love this so much! I’d planned on trying this for an occasional breakfast replacement, but I am addicted. I think today may be Day 7. I can’t bear to think of not having it now.
And halloumi cheese atop watermelon bites! So delicious. The cheese is pan-fried in a non-stick pan until it browns.

I may have lost a half pound this week. Keep on keeping on.


Tried a new recipe today

Actually I tried two new recipes today.  The first was “bulletproof coffee”.  I’ve heard so much about this but was very reluctant to try it.  To think it would replace breakfast was rather scary to me, but Don had wanted to try it, too, so today was the day.  The verdict:  it kept me satisfied for a pretty good while.  But I did get hungry and ate a small serving of yogurt with raspberries about a half hour before our early lunch.
Lunch was this recipe – trouchia.  I, of course, did not make it exactly as called for.  I did not have any Gruyere cheese, so I substituted some vintage cheddar.  I didn’t have fresh herbs so I used dried.  Oh and I only had yellow onion.  So that makes it seem like I didn’t have any of the ingredients at all, doesn’t it.
I almost left it under the broiler too long, but the recipe says “The gratinéed top and the golden bottom are equally presentable.”  And it was fine.

I added some fresh strawberries and a kiwi.  I cut it into 4 servings, so we have leftovers.
I must say it was very filling and kept us from being hungry until pretty late.  Dinner was leftover chicken shawarma from yesterday with some oven roasted asparagus.
I need to start making some plans for next week.  I want to be sure I am all set her for the first few days after Don’s surgery on Tuesday so I won’t need to go out and leave him home alone.


First full week of March recap

IMG_20160310_090423565It’s really been a non-remarkable week. Tuesday was incredibly warm, and I discovered flowers popping out in the yard.

I used up the rest of Don’s chicken breast meat in a salad made with celery, carrots, and grapes. We’ve been pretty much back to normal eating this week. Normal, Always Hungry program eating. Results from all the medical tests are back and all are negative.

On Wednesday I went to lunch with Helen. Coming out of the parking lot I hit a pothole and lost a tire and a wheel. That was an expensive salad! I called Mazda roadside service to put my spare on and drove to the dealer and go the bad news. I really had no choice, so Friday went and had the new wheel put on.
Thursday was maid day, so we went out to lunch at Moe’s. It’s easy to eat there if you skip the tortilla chips.
Friday we had “Dr. Ludwig’s Favorite Frittata”. We have leftovers that we will eat tomorrow.
Tonight I made the Mediterranean Chicken recipe. It was just as good as I remembered. This time I divided it into six servings instead of four.

I have no clue if I’ve lost an ounce this week. Some days I feel thinner and others I don’t. I’m still very happy with the food we are eating. It’s whole and fresh and we know all the ingredients.

Working on income taxes, and buying some supplemental healthcare are on the agenda for tomorrow. And I think we’ve enough good leftovers so there won’t be a need to cook.